WIMS> May 11 Conference Call - Updated draft of counter spec.

WIMS> May 11 Conference Call - Updated draft of counter spec.

WIMS> May 11 Conference Call - Updated draft of counter spec.

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon May 9 18:32:20 EDT 2005




We have not yet discussed the interim update to the Counter Spec that I
posted last week.  This update includes Jerry's suggestion on adding units,
types and limits to the counter definitions in section 4. Note that this is
an interim update, not a final resolution of last call comments. This update
, along with the minutes of last weeks call, will be discussed at the next
conference call. 


As noted in Harry's minutes, last call comments reflect some confusion over
the use of the terms "Job" and "Media" . In the context of the service
counters, these terms have a different sense than when used previously.
Essentially,  "Job"  counters  refer to elements that the service produces
as its purpose,  originally call "work". "Job" counters refer to the product
of the service, e.g., impressions, images etc. It is agree that "job" is not
a good term in this case because of confusion with previous use that
referred to specific jobs. But "work", "product" , "output" also had
difficulties. We solicit an alternate term.


Similarly, the term "media" in a service counter context dos not refer to
the media used in conjunction with some user job, but rather the media
consumed by the device implementing the service regardless of the user or
the job. It is indeed termed "media used" rather than just "media" .


We will add more complete definitions of these terms (as well as
"monochrome" (nee black), "full color" (nee color) , "blank" and "highlight
color". But we would appreciate alternate name suggestions for "jobs" and
"media used" 



Updated Draft at:


Minutes with the conclusions from the last conference call are at:


Conference call 11 May 2005 at 12 noon, EDT.

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Bill Wagner, WIMS Chairman


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