WIMS> CIM> Deprecating (almost) all CurrentXxxx properties in CIM_Printer

WIMS> CIM> Deprecating (almost) all CurrentXxxx properties in CIM_Printer

WIMS> CIM> Deprecating (almost) all CurrentXxxx properties in CIM_Printer

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Makes sense. Perhaps we got carried away in our generalizations and missed the distinction.

I would see no benefit in changing the names of urrentCharSet or CurrentNaturalLanguage   

Bill Wagner

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Re: Deprecating (almost) all CurrentXxxx properties in CIM_Printer 
Slight revision to the proposal:  Deprecate all the CurrentXxxx properties in favor of the corresponding DefaultXxxx properties, except CurrentCharSet and CurrentNaturalLanguage.  
These last two properties, CharSet and NaturalLanguage, record the character set and natural language being used for management, not for printing.  They are properties of the printer controller, not properties of print jobs.  Since they are asynchronous with printing functions, they do not suffer from the ambiguities of the other CurrentXxxx properties in complex printers.  Also, neither of these properties has a corresponding DefaultXxxx property.  Therefore these two properties must be retained.  
CurrentPaperType                deprecate; use DefaultPaperType instead 
CurrentLanguage         deprecate; use DefaultLanguage 
CurrentMimeType         deprecate; use DefaultMimeType 
CurrentCapabilities             deprecate; use DefaultCapabilities 
CurrentCharSet                  retain 
CurrentNaturalLanguage          retain 
I recall that some exceptions were mentioned, but I think we all mistakenly referred to CurrentLanguage instead of CurrentCharSet during the discussion.  
Addendum to proposal: we could change the *names* of the two remaining CurrentXxxx properties to DefaultCharSet and DefaultNaturalLanguage and then be rid of all the CurrentXxxx properties.  (Actual process: add new properties with identical syntax and semantics but new names, and then deprecate the old properties.)  Only half kidding.  
Comments, please.  
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