WIMS> RE: What name for Covers?

WIMS> RE: What name for Covers?

WIMS> RE: What name for Covers?

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Fri Oct 20 13:19:33 EDT 2006

Gee, I thought that Cover included Interlock and that they were already
thoroughly intertwined a decade ago by the TC that you cited.  It's only
the sensor that we care about, whether it's on a door or an internal
component -- for instance, if there is a door without a sensor, it
certainly would not appear in this group -- so I thought that interlock
was the more general and inclusive term.  
    -- This TC was extracted from prtCoverStatus in RFC 1759.
    STATUS    current
        "Values for encoding the state of a particular cover or
        access panel on the printer case or enclosure."
But if the group wants PrintDeviceCovers, hey, I'm easy.  Other opinions
or suggestions?  

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Subject: RE: What name for Covers?

Hi Rick,
[copied WIMS list to make others aware of these issues]
A Cover is NOT an Interlock (in the Printer MIB) - the Interlock is just
sensor and logic.
Conflating Cover with Interlock will screw up the semantics of some
implemented existing values of 'PrtAlertCodeTC' as well.
In the WIMS and Semantic Model/v2.0 schema Subunits.xsd, the classes
are simply Cover(s).
I dislike abandoning Printer MIB terms - how about
- Ira
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From: Richard_Landau at Dell.com [mailto:Richard_Landau at Dell.com]
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To: McDonald, Ira
Subject: What name for Covers?

I think that PrintCovers is a crummy name for a class.  Almost everyone
who did not grow up with PrinterMIB would misunderstand the class until
they read the description.  I suggest PrintInterlocks.  In the Projector
& Display Management group, we are calling the comparable stuff the
Interlock Group.  (If there isn't a sensor on the door, then we don't
care about it.)  Seem reasonable to use PrintInterlock as a classname

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