WIMS> Re: CIM 15 Feb Concall at 2PM EST

WIMS> Re: CIM 15 Feb Concall at 2PM EST

WIMS> Re: CIM 15 Feb Concall at 2PM EST

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Wed Feb 14 18:26:10 EST 2007

With Glen W. Petrie comments 

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The next CIM alignment  concall is at 2PM EST on Thursday, 15 February. Sorry I am so late with this announcement and that I have not posted the minutes of the last call. I have been looking for my notes, but evidently left them in Boulder.

Dial In: 1-866-365-4406 
Toll #: 1-303-248-9655 
Passcode: 2635888# 

1. Clarification of Ira-Rick communications.

2. Review of presentation material for face to face. See ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/wims/white/WIMS_WG_meeting_Feb_2007.pdf
Need to coordiate with Rick's presentation. Check on Milestones

3. Discussion of Glen W. Petrie comments (attached) w/r to Counter Spec.


Bill Wagner

Glen W. Petrie comments 
Is "raw traffic" defined in the Semantic Model; otherwise, I think it should be added to this document.
I was really surprised at the definition of Image; image is a very general term and here is represents something very, very specific.
For Media Used does the term " media types" include both media size and type;  i.e. there could several media that are the same type but of differing size in a single job.
For Monochrome impression I propose the first part of the definition read as
        " A Monochrome Impression is an Impression imposed using [versus requiring] a single colorant..... 
For Number-Up I suggest - The number of [remove: user Job] logical pages to be imposed on each side of on a [remove: single media] Sheet.
I don't understand whe some of the definition define things as objects.  For example does the Service need the words "An abstract object the represents ...." or is a Service just "A software component of a network...."   Same note applies to the definition of System - I really don't think of a System as an abstract object as defined here; it is just "A network host [computing] device.....".     In the text of the standard, it does appear the Service and System are a "software component" and "computing device" versus the abstract objects of them.  
For Sheet I suggest - A [remove] Sheet is a single instance of a medium. [remove rest of line]
For Simplex - The printing of impressions on only one side of each Sheet. [remove rest of line]
Add Single-Sided - A synonym for Simplex.  [add this because two-sided is included]
For Waste - I don't believe that "non-productive ...." are the right words; the words make it sound like something not necessary was generated and printed by design.  I'm not sure what words to use... but Waste Impressions has good start.
On page 19, second paragraph; first sentence; the word "consumable" add clarification since all media would be consumable for printing.
In many of the table the units are in "1024 octets" and then there is a unit is bracket called "koctets".  I had understood that "k" was an old notation and was being.  Specifically, "k" means 1000 and "Ki" means 1024.  So the units should be "KiOctets" following the current notation of "KiB" (versus "kb")
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