WIMS> Posted new CIM_PrintOutputTray (26 Feb 2007)

WIMS> Posted new CIM_PrintOutputTray (26 Feb 2007)

WIMS> Posted new CIM_PrintOutputTray (26 Feb 2007)

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Mon Feb 26 19:00:25 EST 2007

Hi folks,                                      Monday (26 February 2007)

[Based on further conversations with Rick Landau today,
for input to the DMTF CIM Core WG at their Friday telecon this week.]

Based on feedback from Aaron Merkins (IBM) on Rick's draft CR 901:

I've just posted a revised CIM_PrintOutputTray class to:


    - this release note
    - NEW version - prtOutputEntry translation

Rick - please run mofpretty on this class and post result to:


Change Log:

(current version)
- Deleted spurious unmatched quotation mark in "LocalizedDescription"
- Changed "OutputType" property name to "Type" per groupings document
  (name mapping error)
- Added "OtherType" and "OtherCapacityUnit" properties per CIM model
  rule requiring companion string properties for 'Other' enum values
- Deleted 'Other' value from "OutputStacking" property (modelling error
  in original PresentOnOff textual convention in Printer MIB)

(previous version)
- Added three standard key properties per CIM model rules
  (for ManagedElement class)
- Added ModelCorrespondence clause to "PrinterName" property
  (to move explanation to CIM_Printer.PrinterName in base class)
- Added Key qualifier to "Id" property (prtOutputIndex)
- Changed "Name" property name to "AdminName" (must not be localized)
- Changed "Description" property name to "LocalizedDescription"
- Deleted CIM_Printer.CurrentCharSet from "LocalizedDescription" because
  the CIM 'string' datatype charset is UCS-2 (plane 0 from Unicode)
- Deleted correlating comments from Values and ValueMap clauses (which
  prevented mofpretty from folding the lines appropriately)

- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Chair - Linux Foundation Open Printing WG
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
PO Box 221  Grand Marais, MI  49839
phone: +1-906-494-2434
email: imcdonald at sharplabs.com

ISSUE:  CIM model doesn't allow stand-alone 'Other' in enumerations

RULE:  For each CIM printing property

(1) Dimension units property - w/ or w/out 'Other' value
    - delete dimension unit property
      - e.g., "CIM_PrintInputTray.DimUnit"
    - add PUnits clause to companion property (choose metric units)
      - e.g., "CIM_PrintInputTray.MediaDim[Feed|XFeed]DirDeclared"

(2) Any units property - w/ 'Other' value
    - modelling error in source document
      - e.g., "PresentOnOff" in Printer MIB
    - delete 'Other' value in property
      - e.g., "CIM_PrintOutputTray.OffsetStacking"

(3) Every remaining units property - w/ 'Other' value
    - ambiguous in source document
      - e.g., "PrtCapacityUnitTC" in Printer MIB
    - add new "OtherXxx" property
      - e.g., "CIM_PrintOutputTray.OtherCapacityUnit"


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