WIMS> OutputTray - Next Steps

WIMS> OutputTray - Next Steps

WIMS> OutputTray - Next Steps

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Tue Apr 24 17:50:23 EDT 2007

After discussions with PWG subject matter experts and Jon Hass, co-chair
of CIM Core, we propose the following changes to the PrintOutputTray CR.

Id property: 
- We will change the name to SNMPRowId.  The description will state that
this is necessary to make it possible to correlate status and event
information between CIM and SNMP interfaces, since many early
implementations of CIM providers will be SNMP-based proxies.  
- The same property will appear in many subunit classes in future CRs.
For all the subunits of a printer, there is no other unique data that
can be used to correlate results across the two access paths.  
- For pure CIM-based implementations, this property will be null.  

Printer Subunit Status properties:
- All the properties will be renamed to be of the form XxxStatus so that
they are similar to the four CR874 property names (PrimaryStatus,
OperatingStatus, et al.).  

StatusTransitioning property:
- The CR901 property StatusTransitioning (boolean) will be dropped in
favor of a new enum value "Transitioning" in CR874's OperatingStatus.
There will be a CR to add this enum value to OperatingStatus.  

AvailabilityStatus property:
- The CR901 property (renamed) AvailabilityStatus will be correlated
with the "In Service" and "Not Available" values of OperatingStatus.
The AvailableXxx and UnavailableXxx values of AvailabilityStatus will
generate the corresponding values in OperatingStatus, namely "In
Service" and "Not Available" respectively.  
- The AvailabilityStatus property will be retained: it presents more
detail than is appropriate for generic OperatingStatus.  
- The property will have a ModelCorrespondence with OperatingStatus.  

XxxAlertsStatus properties: 
- CriticalAlertsStatus and NonCriticalAlertsStatus cannot be mapped to
DetailedStatus, since they can both be asserted simultaneously, which is
not possible for the single value of DetailedStatus.  

OfflineStatus property:
- The property (renamed) OfflineStatus cannot be mapped to
OperatingStatus or CommunicationsStatus.  The semantics and use cases
are not sufficiently clear to identify a clear analog; there are
examples but no clear prescription for the meaning of the property
asserted by existing devices.  
- The property will be retained.  

XxxCapacity properties:
- The properties MaxCapacity and RemainingCapacity confound the integer
value with several out-of-band conditions, and the result is confusing.
The out-of-band conditions will be removed to a separate property and
the XxxCapacity properties will be simple, nonnegative integers.  
- The additional property will be XxxBasis, which specifies whether the
Xxx property contains a meaningful value.  XxxBasis will have enum
values including Other, Unknown, Infinite, At Least One, and Actual.  
- If XxxBasis is Actual, then Xxx contains a meaningful integer value;
otherwise not.  Example: If MaxCapacityBasis is "Actual" then
MaxCapacity contains the actual integer value.   

I am going to "socialize" these changes with the interested parties
before we make final changes to the CR.  

"This time for sure!," said Bullwinkle.  


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Rick and I just spent two hours on the phone going over the latest CIM
Core WG feedback on CIM_PrintOutputTray:

- CIM_PrintOutputTray.StatusXxx (5 properties)
- they don't like these properties and consider them redundant
- Rick and I hope to have a teleconference with Jon Hass (CIM
  Core co-chair, Dell) this Wednesday to discuss these

- CIM_PrintOutputTray.Id
- they don't like this legacy MIB property at all
- Rick and I hope to get it embedded in OT.InstanceID
  by constraining the format - will talk to Jon Hass

- CIM_PrintOutputTray.[Type|OtherType]
- John Crandall (CIM Core co-chair) doesn't like OT.OtherType
  (though it exactly follows current CIM model best practice),
  but we don't understand his comment about why

prtOutputMaxCapacity and prtOutputRemainingCapacity
- CIM_PrintOutputTray.MaxCapacity
- CIM_PrintOutputTray.RemainingCapacity
- they hate the out-of-band values, e.g., unknown(-2)
- we'll add new parallel properties just like the Subunits
  XML schema (WIMS and SM/2.0) called XxxBasis that encode
  the out-of-band values, so that gauges are really gauges

- CIM_PrintOutputTray.LocalizedDescription
- they still don't like our Printer MIB localization

In case you were counting, that is ALL BUT ONE PROPERTY in
CIM_PrintOutputTray - even after 13 versions!

If we can get Jon Hass on the same page on all of the above, then there
exists a possibility that pretty soon we'll be done with

Remember in January we called this the 'Pipe Cleaner CR'???

The good news is that, if we can ever settle all of the above, many of
the properties in the remaining subunits should be
approved by analogy.   

- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect) Chair - Linux Foundation
Open Printing WG Blue Roof Music / High North Inc PO Box 221  Grand
Marais, MI  49839
phone: +1-906-494-2434
email: imcdonald at sharplabs.com

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