WIMS> When are counters reset, if ever?

WIMS> When are counters reset, if ever?

WIMS> When are counters reset, if ever?

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Tue Aug 14 15:13:33 EDT 2007

General question for WIMS people.  A question has arisen in the PDM
(projector mgt) group that I would like to hear opinions on.  

Question: When, if ever, are counters such as prtMarkerLifeCount and
prtAlertAllEvents reset?  It has been proposed that similar counters in
projectors and displays should be reset if the entire device is reset to
factory defaults, such as might happen when a printer is redeployed; or
when a service person decides that they ought to be reset.  

These suggestions are not exactly the same as the distinctions made in
the Counter spec.  Personally, I think any such counters should be
implemented with lifetime persistence.  It's an odometer; turning it
backwards is at least nonsense if not fraud.  But I don't know what
various existing devices might do, or what best current practice is, so
that would be interesting to know, too.  

Opinions, please.  

Q: When should such so-called "life counters" be set to zero?

A.  Never.
B.  When the device is reset to factory defaults.
C.  When an authorized service person says so.
D.  When someone replaces the controller board.
E.  Other (please specify) _________________

Thanks very much for your time and thoughtful answers.  

Richard_Landau(at)dell(dot)com, Stds & System Mgt Architecture, CTO
+1-512-728-9023, One Dell Way, RR5-3, MS RR5-09, Round Rock, TX 78682

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