WIMS> CIM> Hiccup on CIMCoreCR00946 (PrintSupply)

WIMS> CIM> Hiccup on CIMCoreCR00946 (PrintSupply)

WIMS> CIM> Hiccup on CIMCoreCR00946 (PrintSupply)

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Fri Aug 24 13:55:10 EDT 2007

Right, I had it wrong the first time.  I think my final reply to Steve
Hand was correct in identifying Type and SupplyUnit together as
containing the data needed to interpret Level.  See the later message.  


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For the record, Rick's reply to Steve was inaccurate.

CIM_PrintSupply.SupplyUnit defines only generic units (length, items,
percent, etc.).

CIM_PrintSupply.Type defines 'Staples', 'StitchingWire' 
and a dozen other types that we added for Finisher MIB in Printer MIB

- Ira

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The PrintSupply CR did not pass the TC, due to a strange comment that
should have been made a month ago.  Here's my response.  I will update
the CR and resubmit it.  

I wonder if the commenter actually read the CR in advance.  I think
that, in haste, he tripped over the name Level instead of
RemainingCapacity (that would clearly relate to MaxCapacity).  He
doesn't have the diagram in the MIB intro to instruct him about the
subtle difference.  In my next life, I'm going to argue for simpler
terminology that is less prone to this type of error but, yes, might be
slightly less precise.  


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Betsy (and Steve), 

Thanks for the note about CIMCoreCR00946.  

1.  The change to the CR after the Core ballot was extremely minor.  I
changed the Model field in the header from Core to Device, at John
Crandall's request.  There is no substantive change for Steve to review.

2.  To respond to Steve's question directly, the property
CIM_PrintSupply.Level is designed to answer the question, How much of
the supply remains, regardless of the type of supply.  The combination
of SupplyUnit, MaxCapacity, and Level (and their related OtherXxx and
XxxBasis properties) should supply the information needed by an

Perhaps the confusion stems from the fact that the SupplyUnit property
does not contain an enum value for "NumberOfStaples."  Staples are not
usually loaded into a "stapler" finisher as preformed staples, but
instead as a continuous spool of wire which is sewn into the paper.
(Stapler finishers are often called "stitchers" for this reason.)
Depending on the manufacturer's preference, the SupplyUnit for a
stitcher/stapler might be Feet, Meters, Percent, etc.  

Note that not every Finisher consumes a Supply.  Sorters, folders,
bursters, and so forth, do not.  

I hope this clears up the confusion.  What do I need to do now about the
CR?  Shall I revise it to include this comment and response, and set its
state back to CMTE-Pending?  


Richard_Landau(at)dell(dot)com, Stds & System Mgt Architecture, CTO
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This CR did NOT pass the TC and wasn't resolved on yesterday's call
(Steve Hand wasn't present to review the updated CR).  

Ballot comments as follows:

Steve Hand  	Symantec Corporation  	It is not clear to me how this
represents the supplies for the print finisher. For example, ought there
be a property that contains the remaining staples?

I note that there's an updated CR uploaded post-ballot.  Rick, do you
want Steve to review this CR and approve via email?  If so, make sure
I'm copied on the approval, please.

 -- Betsy Richter

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