WIMS> CIM - Order of next printing updates

WIMS> CIM - Order of next printing updates

WIMS> CIM - Order of next printing updates

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Sat Oct 27 20:15:45 EDT 2007


If I understand, you are suggesting to first do a CR to Print Service adding
those elements that are intended to be relocated from Printer, then doing a
through CR for Printer. I guess the question might be, could a minimal CR to
Print Service pass though quickly?
The effect would appear to be to allow a speedier completion of Printer at
the possible cost of delaying completion of Print Service (probably a good


Bill Wagner

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We have four or five small edits to do in the various Printer subunit
(after CIM v2.17 is published, when we can do 2.18 revisions).

But we also have three kinds of substantive edits to do in Printer:
(1) Add Printer MIB v1 and v2 missing properties (a handful)
(2) Deprecate properties now represented better in subunit classes.
(3) Deprecate properties to be "moved" (i.e., copied) to PrintService.

In phone discussions, Rick has suggested to me that we'll "have to revise
CIM_Printer several times" (because you can't do item (3) above until
AFTER service properties have already been copied to PrintService,
because a deprecated property MUST refer to the replacement one).

But there is a very serious impedance filter in CIM updates - only ONE CR
against a given class can be processed in a CIM update cycle (four months).
And a new CR can't be written for a class until the previous CIM version is
actually *published* (several more months).

So, I suggest that we get a little smarter and do a small update FIRST to
PrintService, and then submit all three items in Printer and be DONE with

The calendar difference would be four to six months sooner.


- Ira

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