WIMS> RE: Power Management for printer CIM object

WIMS> RE: Power Management for printer CIM object

WIMS> RE: Power Management for printer CIM object

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Tue Jun 17 19:29:58 EDT 2008

Power Management is a good example of what is beyond the Standard MIB to CIM aspect of WS-Man for imaging that WIMS/CIM has been doing. Power management is important and (I think) most printers do have something in their private MIB to relate to this. There is a question of whether a MIB to WS-Man  Converter would be usable for obejcts in enterprise MIBS.

However, in terms of priority, I suggest that the whole group of "computer system" elements that should be addressed when we do a printer profile are perhaps more critical and perhaps more easily supported (since many are already accessible in printers via SNMP because of the standard MIB-II and Host Resources MIB).

I will add these subjects to the f2f agenda. And, not to pound the drum too hard, it sure would be useful to have more workers on these developments.

Bill Wagner

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> Nancy, 
> To agree with and expand on Ira's comments, 
> - Our charter in WIMS-CIM was specifically *not* to invent new 
> management concepts, but to translate the Printer MIB and Semantic Model 
> into appropriate and usable classes in the CIM architecture and schema. 
> We elected not to transfer the semantics of prtGeneralReset to the CIM 
> model. 
> - CIM has a CIM_PowerManagementService defined already. It contains a 
> method, RequestPowerStateChange() that can be used to change the state 
> of the device. In the DMTF Profile for servers, this class is 
> associated with the CIM_ComputerSystem as the method for changing power 
> state. Note that CIM classes are only the protocol representation of 
> some internal structures. 
> - When we write the Network Printer Profile, we should include this 
> class as the way to manage power, similarly associated with the instance 
> of CIM_ComputerSystem that represents the brains of the device. 
> I think that it would be very useful to discuss at the f2f 
> - What states a network printer has; 
> - Which of those states are externally, behaviorally visible; 
> - What state transitions should be initiated by remote management. 
> This would be great guidance for future modeling. Can we start with the 
> set of power states in the CIM class and see how they might apply to 
> network printers? Here's the list, from the MOF, some of which clearly 
> to not apply to printers. 
> Values { 
> "Power On", 
> "Sleep - Light", 
> "Sleep - Deep", 
> "Power Cycle (Off Soft)", 
> "Power Off - Hard", 
> "Hibernate", 
> "Power Off - Soft", 
> "Power Cycle (Off Hard)", 
> "Master Bus Reset", 
> "Diagnostic Interrupt (NMI)", 
> "Power Off - Soft Graceful", 
> "Power Off - Hard Graceful", 
> "Master Bus Reset Graceful", 
> "Power Cycle (Off - Soft Graceful)", 
> "Power Cycle (Off - Hard Graceful)" 
> } 
> rick 
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> Subject: Re: Power Management for printer CIM object 
> Hi Nancy, 
> Copying WIMS list so others can comment. 
> CIM_PowerManagementService is a feature of a CIM_ComputerSystem 
> - i.e., we inherited it from standard DMTF CIM profiles when we modelled 
> a network printer as a CIM_Printer contained in a CIM_ComputerSystem 
> (class corresponds to System group in MIB-II and Host Resources MIB). 
> Since the Printer MIB has no power management and I can't find any IETF 
> standards-track MIB that has power management, a CIM Printing Provider 
> (SNMP to CIM proxy) can't implement power management interoperably. 
> A basic principle of the WIMS-CIM project is "we invent nothing new" 
> - so we can look at existing standard DMTF power management classes and 
> see if they're appropriate, but SNMP mapping will remain proprietary in 
> the near term. 
> For future PWG work, I think PowerManagement is important - it *is* 
> already in the new Projector and Display Management MIB - perhaps a 
> topic for discussion at the PWG F2F next Wednesday? 
> Cheers, 
> - Ira 
> Cheers, 
> - Ira 
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 9:26 AM, wrote: 
> > 
> > Hi Rick, 
> > 
> > I was asked this question about missing power management objects in 
> > CIM-printer. This is just for clarification. 
> > 
> > We do not have power management object for CIM-printer. But in 
> > visio-Printer_15.pdf page 6, you did make a note t hat we may need to 
> > implement a bunch of "profiles" listed on the diagram that include 
> > PowerManagement. 
> > 
> > What is the plan on Power Management for CIM printer? 
> > 
> > -Nancy 
> > 
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