WIMS> RE: Power Management for printer CIM object

WIMS> RE: Power Management for printer CIM object

WIMS> RE: Power Management for printer CIM object

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Tue Jun 17 13:38:36 EDT 2008


To agree with and expand on Ira's comments, 

- Our charter in WIMS-CIM was specifically *not* to invent new
management concepts, but to translate the Printer MIB and Semantic Model
into appropriate and usable classes in the CIM architecture and schema.
We elected not to transfer the semantics of prtGeneralReset to the CIM

- CIM has a CIM_PowerManagementService defined already.  It contains a
method, RequestPowerStateChange() that can be used to change the state
of the device.  In the DMTF Profile for servers, this class is
associated with the CIM_ComputerSystem as the method for changing power
state.  Note that CIM classes are only the protocol representation of
some internal structures.  

- When we write the Network Printer Profile, we should include this
class as the way to manage power, similarly associated with the instance
of CIM_ComputerSystem that represents the brains of the device.  

I think that it would be very useful to discuss at the f2f

- What states a network printer has; 
- Which of those states are externally, behaviorally visible; 
- What state transitions should be initiated by remote management.  

This would be great guidance for future modeling.  Can we start with the
set of power states in the CIM class and see how they might apply to
network printers?  Here's the list, from the MOF, some of which clearly
to not apply to printers.   

          Values { 
             "Power On",
             "Sleep - Light", 
             "Sleep - Deep", 
             "Power Cycle (Off Soft)", 
             "Power Off - Hard", 
             "Power Off - Soft", 
             "Power Cycle (Off Hard)", 
             "Master Bus Reset", 
             "Diagnostic Interrupt (NMI)", 
             "Power Off - Soft Graceful", 
             "Power Off - Hard Graceful", 
             "Master Bus Reset Graceful", 
             "Power Cycle (Off - Soft Graceful)", 
             "Power Cycle (Off - Hard Graceful)" 


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Hi Nancy,

Copying WIMS list so others can comment.

CIM_PowerManagementService is a feature of a CIM_ComputerSystem
- i.e., we inherited it from standard DMTF CIM profiles when we modelled
a network printer as a CIM_Printer contained in a CIM_ComputerSystem
(class corresponds to System group in MIB-II and Host Resources MIB).

Since the Printer MIB has no power management and I can't find any IETF
standards-track MIB that has power management, a CIM Printing Provider
(SNMP to CIM proxy) can't implement power management interoperably.

A basic principle of the WIMS-CIM project is "we invent nothing new"
- so we can look at existing standard DMTF power management classes and
see if they're appropriate, but SNMP mapping will remain proprietary in
the near term.

For future PWG work, I think PowerManagement is important - it *is*
already in the new Projector and Display Management MIB - perhaps a
topic for discussion at the PWG F2F next Wednesday?

- Ira

- Ira

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 9:26 AM,  <nchen at okidata.com> wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> I was asked this question about missing power management objects in 
> CIM-printer.  This is just for clarification.
> We do not have power management object for CIM-printer.  But in 
> visio-Printer_15.pdf page 6, you did make a note t hat we may need to 
> implement a bunch of "profiles" listed on the diagram that include 
> PowerManagement.
> What is the plan on Power Management for CIM printer?
> -Nancy

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