WIMS> RE: Changes to Visio-Printer_15.pdf

WIMS> RE: Changes to Visio-Printer_15.pdf

WIMS> RE: Changes to Visio-Printer_15.pdf

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Wed Nov 19 15:52:08 EST 2008

Yup, I agree with the changes in cardinality.  A MediaPath or OutputTray
cannot be associated with more than one Finisher device.  

Here's hoping that Monsieur Crandall does not notice the change and
insist that we create two new association classes to express the
specificity of the relationships.  "In the fullness of time," we should
do that, of course.  Just not today.  Let's put it on the big todo list.

I have made the changes and will post today.  


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Hi Rick,

Your phone to me earlier message was all correct.

I *think* the other change (besides association) to page 1 is that the
two asterisks beside Finisher leading to MediaPath and OutputTray SHOULD
be '1' (i.e., a given Finisher is associated with an array of zero or
more of each).

N'est ce pas?

- Ira

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