WIMS> 23 March, 11AM EDT ConCall

WIMS> 23 March, 11AM EDT ConCall

WIMS> 23 March, 11AM EDT ConCall

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Sun Mar 22 13:22:54 EDT 2009

There will be a WIMS telecom on  Monday, 23 March at 11 AM EDT. 

 Sorry about the late notice


1. Meeting is held in accord with PWG IP Policy 

2. Identify Minute-taker 

 3. Accept Minutes of 9 March


 (Thanks Craig) 

4. Project Update - Proxy Provider 

Rick appears to be almost done,  but has come across some interesting
problems with some of the elements he has prototypes. Review of more
problems and solutions he and Ira propose.

a.     CIM_Printer.CharSetsSupported does not say whether the array should
contain only unique values or all values in parallel with the
NaturalLanguagesSupported array

b.    The enum list of property CIM_Printer.LanguagesSupported does not
quite match that of prtInterpreterLangFamily

c.     Others?

 5. Project Update CIM_PrintServiceSettings: 

ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/wims/cim/mofinput/ira-20090216.zip  (anything

6. Talking Point:  Recent discussions on the Linked-in MPS group have
suggested that managing imaging services seems  increasingly to be becoming
an IT department responsibility. Whether or not we proceed with the Imaging
Power Management project, this may affect the way we address Imaging System

            a.  Ira identified http://www.thegreengrid.org/ as a DMTF
affiliated organization concerned with Power Management.  Aside from the
fact that this appears to be one more of these "private" organizations with
relatively high membership fees and very restrictive access to what they are
doing (but a relatively large membership), their mission seems to center on
Data Center issues. Would imaging power management be a Data Center issue,
or more broadly an IT  department issue, or someone else's?

            b. From IETF and DMTF/CIM documents generated by capable but
non-printer oriented people (perhaps representative of IT departments), it
is apparent that they do not understand  and probably don't care about the
characteristics or capabilities of modern imaging devices. If these are the
people that will manage the devices, should we be dumbing down (simplifying)
the management structures?


Bill Wagner 



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