WIMS> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: New FAQ on IETF Copyright Trust

WIMS> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: New FAQ on IETF Copyright Trust

WIMS> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: New FAQ on IETF Copyright Trust

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Mar 23 14:23:38 EDT 2009

Interesting. It would seem, for example, that companies that include
portions of the printer MIB text in company documents listing full MIB
support, without author permission, are in violation of the restriction
against using IETF material in derivative work. 

On the other hand, any document published as an RFC but created outside of
the IETF standards process (e.g., the PWG?)is not covered by the IETF policy
but by the RFC Editor's applicable policies.. which presumably can change. 

Thanks Ira, I think.

Bill Wagner

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Hi -

The document itself is at
and well worth the twenty minutes or so it takes to read it.


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> Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: New FAQ on IETF Copyright Policy available (FYI)
> FYI, a well-written new FAQ has just been posted to the IETF Trust
> The title of the FAQ is:
> *
>    IETF Trust *Copyright Policy and Trust Legal Provisions (TLP)
> This FAQ was created in response to some uncertainty within the community
> about the RFCs, BCPs, and Trust policies that govern copyrights in IETF
> other) documents.
> The FAQ was prepared by Jorge Contreras (IETF Trust Legal Counsel), at the
> request of Ray Pelletier (IAD) and the IETF Trustees.
> I believe the FAQ is informative, relevant and well worth the 10 minutes
> takes to read it.  I encourage you to review it. The FAQ is available at:
> http://trustee.ietf.org/faqs.html
> Regards,
> Ed Juskevicius
> IETF Trust Chair
> edj.etc at gmail.com

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