[WIMS] CIM>List of fixes needed to CIM_Printer and related classes.

[WIMS] CIM>List of fixes needed to CIM_Printer and related classes.

[WIMS] CIM>List of fixes needed to CIM_Printer and related classes.

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Thu Oct 1 19:26:57 UTC 2009

List of items to be fixed in CIM_Printer (and related classes) from previous emails, all found during construction of the prototype.  If anyone recalls something what was cited previously but is not on this list, please send mail.  


Minor fixes to be made in the CIM Printer device model.  

				RBLandau, Dell, 20091001

1.  Printer.LanguagesSupported enum list: document but do not fix.  

The enum list of property CIM_Printer.LanguagesSupported does not quite match that of prtInterpreterLangFamily, which makes a direct mapping impossible.  Note that after value 6(PostScript), the numbers do not match.  Actually, the numbers 7 thru 41 are all shifted up by one because we moved number 42 to number 7 in the enum list and shifted all the others up to make room.  Since 42 was then missing, the numbers after 43 align again.  Tricky, tricky.  

I will paint over this nicely in the prototype.  I don't think we ought to fix it.  But we ought to document it.  After all, who would read a 3-page-long enum list if he didn't have to?  

2.  Printer.DefaultLanguage, meaning PDL for the default channel, which doesn't exist.  Deprecate it.  

The property CIM_Printer.DefaultLanguage says that it "Indicates the default printer language."  (This is PDL, not natural language.  And this is an old property, not one that we added recently.)  However, in an SNMP printer, the default PDL Interpreter is specified per Channel.  And there is no default Channel.  Well, oops on me.  

This can't be removed entirely from the CIM model for direct-attached printer devices, since they might well have a default language for their single channel.  We should say that it shall be null for any printer devices with multiple input channels.  

3.  Deprecate Printer.DefaultMimeType.

Similar considerations apply to CIM_Printer.DefaultMimeType, too.  There is no default channel, so there can't be a default language or a default interpreter that would have a default mime type.  

We did paint ourselves into a corner here, though, because some other stuff is deprecated in favor of DefaultMimeType.  If we get rid of that, we have to change the other deprecation(s).  

4.  Printer.CharSetsSupported array should be parallel to NaturalLanguagesSupported array.

CIM_Printer.CharSetsSupported does not say whether the array should contain only unique values or all values in parallel with the NaturalLanguagesSupported array.  With the current wording, both are compliant, but the difference might well represent problems for naïve clients.  

Since this is an old property, we can't insert a SHALL into it.  I think we should say SHOULD contain entries that parallel the other array, and also deprecate the other representation.  

5.  Fix parents of PrintInputTray and PrintOutputTray.

InputTray and OutputTray inherit directly from LogicalElement rather than from PrinterElement.   


Richard_Landau(at)dell(dot)com, Stds & System Mgt Architecture, CTO Office 
+1-512-728-9023, One Dell Way, RR5-3, MS RR5-32, Round Rock, TX 78682 

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