[WIMS] Imaging System Power MIB

[WIMS] Imaging System Power MIB

[WIMS] Imaging System Power MIB

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Sun Nov 29 19:14:17 UTC 2009

Hi Ira,


A few questions from looking though the MIB.

1.     The Abstract document identified five stable power states.  The MIB
appears to identify six, with the difference being that there are two OFF
states in the MIB and one in the abstract document.

offHard(60),                    -- Off Hard - mechanical unplug  

off(80),                        -- Off - soft off w/ flea power


It is unclear how the MIB OFF states  correlate with the Abstract Document
OFF state, although my inclination is that the abstract OFF correlates best
to offHard.  Do we need to include the two "off's" in the abstract document?
A better explanation of what is involved in "flea power" would be desirable
(enough for turn on by network,  Bluetooth or  IR, illuminate the power
switch, just reactive leakage, ?)


2.     Because powMonitorIndex is used throughout the MIB, would not some
statement that an index assignment cannot be changed except on hard reset
(or whatever) be desirable?


3.     Perhaps some  mention of the power-cycle persistence of the LogTable
might be desirable.


4.     I have put it though the MG-SOFT compiler without problem.


Bill Wagner


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