[WIMS] High North has reviewed Power Model/MIB and has comments

[WIMS] High North has reviewed Power Model/MIB and has comments

[WIMS] High North has reviewed Power Model/MIB and has comments

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 18:18:50 UTC 2010

Hi Andrew,

First a request - please compile this MIB with any SNMP compilers (from
SDKs, management tools, etc.) you have available.  I hate making ASN.1
errors that are avoidable.

Following IETF MIB convention, we always make whole element groups
one conformance level.

So, yes we *could* add the MaxXxxRecords to some new group (but
not the REQUIRED PowerGeneral group).

In review discussion at the October F2F, Pete Zehler and others seemed
to all agree that client-side implementers will ignore these properties.

My experience over 15 years writing private MIBs for 3 printer vendors has
been Pete's right - clients just try to create the row and handle the error
table full.

My Samsung implementers don't want MaxXxxRecords, because they
don't plan to use them client-side and they inflate the number of
REQUIRED elements (which looks bad to upper management).

- Ira

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On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 1:50 PM, Mitchell, Andrew (Solutions Architect) <
andrew.mitchell2 at hp.com> wrote:

> Ira,
> I have been reviewing the doc as well as have some others within HP looking
> at it. While I don't have any additional comments yet, I do have a couple
> questions on your comments. While I agree that most clients will never use
> the MacXxxRecords, is that a valid rational not to include them? Would a
> better option be mark the MaxXxxRecords as OPTIONAL parts of the sections.
> Andrew
> From: Ira McDonald <blueroofmusic at gmail.com<mailto:blueroofmusic at gmail.com
> >>
> Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 17:07:46 +0000
> To: "wims at pwg.org<mailto:wims at pwg.org>" <wims at pwg.org<mailto:wims at pwg.org>>,
> Ira McDonald <blueroofmusic at gmail.com<mailto:blueroofmusic at gmail.com>>
> Subject: [WIMS] High North has reviewed Power Model/MIB and has comments
> (2) Technical - delete all 10 PowerGeneral.MaxXxxRecords elements
>    - section 5.1.1 through 5.1.10, lines 825-892
>    Rationale:  Table limit elements are unlikely to be queried/used
>    - typical Client will simply attempt to create a row
> Power MIB (wd-wimspowermib10-20100926.pdf/mib)
> (2) Technical - delete all 10 powGeneral.MaxXxxRecords objects
>    - section 5 (spec), lines 261-363 and 389-413 (MIB)
>    Rationale:  See Power Model comment (2) above

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