[WIMS] Errata for PWG 5107.3: Printer MIB and IPP MFD Alerts

[WIMS] Errata for PWG 5107.3: Printer MIB and IPP MFD Alerts

[WIMS] Errata for PWG 5107.3: Printer MIB and IPP MFD Alerts

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 20:45:59 UTC 2014

Hi Mike,

I suggest that we replace "-error" with "-fault" in all of these printer

If the current "-error" suffix is simply removed, the meaning of these
is lost.

BTW - normally, we couldn't change these names in the PrtAlertCodeTC
textual convention in the IANA Printer MIB, because it's illegal under
rules to change the name of an already assigned enumeration value.

HOWEVER - *none* of the PWG 5107.3 section 9.2 updates for PrtAlertCodeTC
were ever registered with IANA - this fell through the cracks in mid-2012.

SUGGESTION - we revise/update PWG 5107.3 and change the IPP and
IANA Printer MIB names from "-error" to "-fault" (or "Error" to "Fault" in
MIB) and correct or submit the IANA IPP and MIB registrations.


- Ira

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On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 2:07 PM, Michael Sweet <msweet at apple.com> wrote:

> All,
> It was recently pointed out to me that PWG 5107.3 defines several
> "printer-state-reasons" keywords with the suffix "-error":
>     input-media-tray-feed-error
>     output-media-tray-feed-error
>     media-path-input-feed-error
>     media-path-output-feed-error
>     scan-media-path-input-feed-error
>     scan-media-path-output-feed-error
>     fax-modem-protocol-error
> However, RFC 2911 reserves this suffix for indicating the severity of the
> reason:
>    4.4.12 printer-state-reasons (1setOf type2 keyword)
>    This REQUIRED Printer attribute supplies additional detail about the
>    device's state.  Some of the these value definitions indicate
>    conformance requirements; the rest are OPTIONAL.
>    Each keyword value MAY have a suffix to indicate its level of
>    severity.  The three levels are: report (least severe), warning, and
>    error (most severe).
>       - '-report':  This suffix indicates that the reason is a "report".
>         An implementation may choose to omit some or all reports. Some
>         reports specify finer granularity about the printer state;
>         others serve as a precursor to a warning. A report MUST contain
>         nothing that could affect the printed output.
>       - '-warning': This suffix indicates that the reason is a
>         "warning".  An implementation may choose to omit some or all
>         warnings. Warnings serve as a precursor to an error. A warning
>         MUST contain nothing that prevents a job from completing, though
>         in some cases the output may be of lower quality.
>       - '-error': This suffix indicates that the reason is an "error".
>         An implementation MUST include all errors. If this attribute
>         contains one or more errors, printer MUST be in the stopped
>         state.
>    If the implementation does not add any one of the three suffixes, all
>    parties MUST assume that the reason is an "error".
> Since an IPP Printer MAY report any of the above keywords when the Printer
> is not in the stopped state, I propose we add an informative note to table
> 3 saying something like the following:
>     Note 1: Section 4.4.12 [RFC2911] requires that the Printer is in the
>     stopped state when reporting "printer-state-reasons" values ending
>     with "-error". Printers MUST append a suffix of "-report" or
>     "warning" to this keyword when the Printer is not in the stopped
>     state.
> I'm not sure if we want to clarify that the "job-state-reasons" attribute
> only contains the registered values without added suffixes.
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