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15UNKNUnconfirmedOutlaw relative URIs ("//ipp/print")Sep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: Outlaw relative URIs ("//ipp/print")
16UNKNUnconfirmedFix keyword names (no -error on xxx-recoverable-storage-error) and IANA registra…Sep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: Regarding the xxx-recoverable-storage-error keywords for printer-state-reasons, we need to remove the …
17UNKNUnconfirmedDefine hash algorithm for 'sha'Sep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: The 'sha' value for "job-password-encryption" was never defined. It should refer to the SHA-1 hash algorithm.
18UNKNUnconfirmedAllow rangeOfInteger for x-dimension and y-dimension in media-col-databaseSep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: The "media-col-database" attribute needs to allow for rangeOfInteger values for trays that accept variable …
20UNKNUnconfirmedDrop cipher suite requirementsSep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: The TLS requirements in section 10 incorrectly specify required cipher suites. The TLS specs already do …
21UNKNUnconfirmedFix abstractSep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: The abstract says "this standard" but it should say "this specification" or "this document".
22UNKNUnconfirmedFix security considerationsSep 13, 2014
 Michael Sweet: It is apparently not clear that phone lines are considered a secure communication medium.
28UNKNUnconfirmedBad colorantindex in Example of printer - supplyMay 1, 2015
 Stefan Brüns: printer-supply[1] = ...

33UNKNUnconfirmedNote 1 / Note 2 / Note 3 for tables listing required operations or attributes sh…May 12, 2016
 Smith Kennedy: On page 35, below table 5, there are 3 notes:

   Note 1: REQUIRED in addition to those operations defined …
34UNKNUnconfirmedTable 6: "overrides-supported" should be annotated with "note 6", not "note 2"May 12, 2016
 Smith Kennedy: In Table 6, on page 36, the "overrides-supported" item should be annotated with "note 6", not "note 2". …