P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> April 1394PWG Meeting Minutes

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> April 1394PWG Meeting Minutes

P1394> April 1394PWG Meeting Minutes

Larry Stein (lstein@fapo.com)
Mon, 07 Apr 1997 16:25:48 -0700

1394 PWG Meeting
2 April 1997
Austin, Tx

Greg LeClair - Chair
Larry Stein - Vice-chair, Sec
Brian Batchelder - Editor

Attendees: Please refer to www.pwg.org for attendee list.

Meeting Agenda:
=B7 Introductions
=B7 Presentation by PWG/C representative
=B7 Organization Issues
=B7 Scenario Review
=B7 Tasks

Meeting started at 11:35PM, after the opening of the PWG meeting.
The meeting will continue on Thursday.
Presented by Mr. Nobuhiko Shinoda (Canon), chair of PWG/C
The full presentation is available on the ftp server =96 "1394pwg-c.pdf"
There are two types of companies involved in the PWG/C:
Consumer Products
Computer Products

The consumer devices focus on:
peer to peer printing
inter-operability of the PC environment and the PC-less environment

PWG/C Charter is similar to the one developed by the 1394PWG committee.
Please refer to the presentation for more details on this.

The PWG/C has a more formal organizational structure than the 1394PWG
committee. The PWG/C operates with a Steering Committee which sets the
agenda for the meetings. The current SC members are:
Apple Japan, Canon, Seiko Epson, Fuji Photo Film, Fuji Xerox, Microsoft
K.K., NEC, Sony and Sharp.

Membership in the committee is open to any company wishing to contribute to
the effort.

PWG/C Schedule
The PWG/C has an aggressive schedule for the development of the printing
standards. The current schedule is:
3/24 Draft Charter Approved
4/2 Announcement to 1394PWG
6/24 Preliminary draft=20
12/E? Final draft1.0

The contacts for the committee are:
Chairman Mr. Nobuhiko Shinoda (Canon) shinoda@bsd.canon.co.jp
Co-chairman Mr. Toru Ueda (Sharp) ueda@iml.mkhar.sharp.co.jp
Co-chairman Mr. Yorihiko Sakai (Sony) sakai@prt.sony.co.jp
Editor(s) Mr. Fumio Nagasaka (Seiko Epson)=09
Mr. Mikio Watanabe (Fuji Photo Film)
Mr. Fumihiro Funazaki (Fuji Photo Film)
Advisor Mr. Micheal Teener (Firefly)=09
Organizational Issues
Overview of PWG1394 charter
PWG/C is concerned about the distinction between "peer to peer" and "PC
less" systems.
Need to determine the needs of the consumer side vs the PC side=20

Through the ensuing discussion it was determined that the requirements for
the PWG/C and the 1394PWG are essentially the same. The only differences
is in the interpretation of "peer to peer" and "PC less" printing. Both
committees are concerned with the development of printing from any source
to any target. The wording will be worked on to make this clearer.
Coordination with 1394TA
The 1394PWG needs to clarify the relationship with the TA.
Greg Leclair will be representing the 1394PWG at the next 1394TA meeting,
April 16. Part of his=20
goal is to:
Make a presentation at the general TA meeting
Get a link on the TA web site to the 1394PWG
It is our goal to be sure the 1394TA refers printing related inquiries to
this committee.

Coordination with PWG/C in Japan
Develop a unified charter with the tasks assigned to the different groups.
Since the goals of the committees are essentially the same, we should try
to establish a common charter to work from. We want to make sure that we
are not both trying to solve the same problems. With a common charter and
a closer working relationship we can divide the project into tasks that can
be worked on by either committee, or jointly, as necessary. It was decided
that the purpose of the second day meeting will be to work on the joint
charter. This will then be discussed at the next PWG/C meeting the week of
April 7.

Need a new phrase for "peer to peer".
All proposals will be posted on the PWG.ORG server
June 11-12 joint meeting in Tokyo =96 Microsoft
How can we coordinate email?

Proposal to have one group - 1394PWG, with 2 sub-committees dealing with
the issues of consumer and PC oriented printing. The 1394PWG chair will be
the official liaison with the TA.
This was agreed to here and will be discussed in Japan by the PWG/C.

IEEE Study Group
This project is officially an IEEE study group under the Microprocessor
Standards Committee (MSC). We
have until the July 1997 MSC meeting to determine if we want to become a
full working group and present a Project Authorization Request (PAR) form.
Larry Stein (MSC recording secretary) and Don Wright (MSC vice-chair) will
keep the MSC abreast of this committees development.

Meeting Schedule
May 14 -- San Diego
June 11-12 =96 Tokyo, hosted by Microsoft
June 24-25 =96 Boston

If we have enough to talk about then we can schedule a teleconference
between meetings.
Scenario Review
I. Device Discovery
Bus enumeration - Printers
Plug and Play string - same +
II. Service Discovery/Advertisement
Protocols and Data types supported
Mapped to a 1394 node and address for service handler

This concluded the first days meeting.

The second day meeting notes were provided by Greg Leclair.

Lee Ferrell - Canon
Atsushi Nakamura - Canon
Nobuhiko Shinoda - Canon
Tadashi Yoshida - Canon
Sam Hirata - Canon
Brian Batchelder - HP
Alan Berkema - HP
Fumio Nagasaka - Seiko EPSON
Greg LeClair - EPSON
Lloyd Young - Lexmark
Unified Charter was main effort of meeting. PWG-C concerns were listed=
1. Peer to Peer printing issue
2. Clarification of relationship with TA
3. Operating rules (separate doc)
1394PWG chair concerns:
Spend less time on charter and begin to do work.
Peer to Peer means different things including PC. Consumer does not=20
cover all of AV type products, some are professional. Language adopted=
was "device to device" and "traditional computing and non-computing=20
Added terminology which pointed out benefit of 1394 over USB - it is=20
not a master slave type of bus.
Refined scope:
Eliminated laundry list of things to do and identified primary task as=
spec for basic discovery. Chair to post RFP to list.
Added other work such as a common comm protocol and data format.
Canon presented their idea for basic device discovery. GL will post it=
to PWG web site.
Greg LeClair stated he would be contacting TA contacts about=20
presentation in Eindhoven and reporting.
Last item was discussion of whether PWG-C could just fold into 1394=20
PWG. Current officers of PWG-C would take on co-responsibility and=20
could hold meetings in Japan independent of meeting in US. Minutes,=20
etc would still be posted to p1394@pwg.org list. US members could=20
attend meeting in Japan. Japanese members could attend meeting in US.
Conclusion of meeting minutes for the April 1394PWG meeting.
These minutes will be distributed via email to the p1394@pwg.org mailing
list as well as being posted on the www.pwg.org web site.

Thank you,
Larry Stein