P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> NT5: Automatic SBP-2 login?

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> NT5: Automatic SBP-2 login?

P1394> NT5: Automatic SBP-2 login?

Eric W. Anderson (ewa@apple.com)
12 Jan 98 11:25:33 -0800

Fumio Nagasaka writes:
>But as you know, Windows NT5.0 SBP-2 initiator invokes one log-in
>to the target device when PC boots up. And the initiator never log-out
>until an user shut down his PC. I am afraid of that log-in function of
>SBP-2 is not exported to other software, in Windows NT5.0 environment.

Can we confirm this behavior? I think this would make it impossible
to use two Windows NT5 computers on the same FireWire bus with any
SBP-2 device (printer, disk drive, etc). After the first computer
boots and makes logins, the second computer will be unable to access
any SBP-2 device. Is that correct?

Certainly we plan to be more flexible in Mac OS. In general, no
automatic logins will be performed - logins will happen on a device-
by-device basis, depending on user requirements/actions. For example,
a Mac would only perform a login to a printer when the user actually
tries to print a document, or check printer configuration. Then the
Mac would log out when the work was completed.

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