P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> NT5: Automatic SBP-2 login?

P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> NT5: Automatic SBP-2 login?

RE: P1394> NT5: Automatic SBP-2 login?

Fumio Nagasaka (fumiona@venus.dtinet.or.jp)
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 06:43:24 +0900

I must apologize that I am not suitable person to discuss specification of a
consumer PC OS. Some consumer PC operating system under development
would often have temporary specification. As we can adopt many PCs and
peripherals utilizing 1394 bus, and some of them could be SBP-2 devices.
I am afraid of one thing involved with inter-connectivity.

However any PC operating system would be improved everyday, thus I would
not talk about this issue through the mailing list. It is too risky.
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Subject: P1394> NT5: Automatic SBP-2 login?

Fumio Nagasaka writes:
>But as you know, Windows NT5.0 SBP-2 initiator invokes one log-in
>to the target device when PC boots up. And the initiator never log-out
>until an user shut down his PC. I am afraid of that log-in function of
>SBP-2 is not exported to other software, in Windows NT5.0 environment.

Can we confirm this behavior? I think this would make it impossible
to use two Windows NT5 computers on the same FireWire bus with any
SBP-2 device (printer, disk drive, etc). After the first computer
boots and makes logins, the second computer will be unable to access
any SBP-2 device. Is that correct?

Certainly we plan to be more flexible in Mac OS. In general, no
automatic logins will be performed - logins will happen on a device-
by-device basis, depending on user requirements/actions. For example,
a Mac would only perform a login to a printer when the user actually
tries to print a document, or check printer configuration. Then the
Mac would log out when the work was completed.

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