P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> 1284 ID

P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> 1284 ID

RE: P1394> 1284 ID

Gregory LeClair (gleclair@agentz.com)
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 11:57:28 -0800


Thanks for your feedback. It seems we've only solved part of the problem in identifying
nodes on 1394 which utilize SBP-2.

If Win2000 sees a SBP-2 Unit Dir AND the NCITS cmd set AND the device type is 'printer'
- it will then look for the Device ID string as you noted.

1. I take it the device ID string is being used to identify the printer driver. Correct?

2. If a driver is not found, the information in the device ID string used to create
UI information for the user to load the appropriate support disk. Correct?

Assuming stock Win2000 (i.e. no additional vendor specific software)

3. If a device has a SBP-2 Unit Dir AND NOT the NCITS cmd set, the user
will still be prompted for an 'Unknown Device'. Correct?

It seems if we used the idea of a textual descriptor after the LUN key, we could leverage
that to work with either case 2 or 3 above, independent of the command set and device type.

In either case, the user will have to load a disk which contains all of the appropriate
software. In case of #2 just printer driver. Case #3 may be the printer driver and an alternate
class driver.

If there's any room to move on this, please consider the above.


Greg LeClair
1394 PWG Chair

EPSON Imaging Technology Center
San Jose, CA

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From: John Nels Fuller [SMTP:jfuller@microsoft.com]
Sent: Monday, March 08, 1999 10:49 AM
To: 'Gregory LeClair'; '1394 PWG'
Subject: RE: P1394> 1284 ID


Yes, the Config ROM entries would look like this:
3F000000h ;3Fh key to introduce device ID
810000xxh ;Textual leaf pointer to 1284 ID (normal textual
leaf format).

I don't really like using a reserved key, but it should be all right because
we are only going to look for it if we see the T10 command set values with a
device type of printer.


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From: Gregory LeClair [mailto:gleclair@agentz.com]
Sent: Friday, March 05, 1999 4:33 PM
To: John Nels Fuller; '1394 PWG'
Subject: RE: P1394> 1284 ID


So, the reserved value of 3Fh is being used for a "Device_ID" string which
corresponds to the format defined in IEEE-1284. Correct?

Is it considered acceptable to use that key since SBP-2 does not define it?
It seems the use of the key 3Fh is defined by the Unit Spec_ID and not the
set spec ID.

Oh well....
I agree that the TD for the LUN seemed to be a decent compromise.


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From: John Nels Fuller [SMTP:jfuller@MICROSOFT.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 1999 4:53 PM
To: 'Gregory LeClair'; '1394 PWG'
Subject: RE: P1394> 1284 ID


I've just learned that the code for Win2000 has been locked down. George
was just able to get something in before it locked but he wasn't able to
talk with anyone about it. So, I guess, we have to live with his choice of
using the key 3F000000h followed by a pointer to a text leaf that contains
the 1284 ID.

Again this shouldn't effect the printers that specify the PWG ID as the
Command_Set_Specifier_ID, just those that use the NCITS ID.

Personally, my preference would have been to put the text leaf pointer after
the LUN key, sigh.


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From: Gregory LeClair [mailto:gleclair@agentz.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 1999 4:09 PM
To: John Nels Fuller; '1394 PWG'
Subject: RE: P1394> 1284 ID

Hi John,

Could you give me a concrete idea of what will work for the
Win2000 stack?

One idea would be to put the Device ID off the root as a text
leaf following the Vendor_ID (See cfgrom04.pdf, P. 13, Sec. 5.2.4.)

Another idea, as you mentioned, would be to put the Device ID in the
Unit Directory. Is the LUN Key the most appropriate (and possibly
least disruptive)?
(See cfgrom04.pdf, P. 15, Sec. 5.2.7.)

Please advise. Thanks,

Greg LeClair

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From: John Nels Fuller [SMTP:jfuller@MICROSOFT.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 5:50 PM
To: '1394 PWG'
Subject: P1394> 1284 ID

Hi all,

We have some problems with the way proposed to include a 1284 ID in the PWG
profile. Actually, not so much with the PWG profile as with the interim
solution we will be shipping with Win2000 (this uses the command set
specifier 00609Eh and command set 0104D8h).

We really want that 1284 ID to be in a plain vanilla text leaf instead of a
private format string. And we really want it in the unit directory, because
Win2000 isn't going to know about feature directories, etc.

Again, this is just for our interim solution. In future releases we will be
happy to look in the feature directory; but we still think that the format
should be that of a standard text leaf.

John Nels Fuller
Program Manager, Windows 2000
Microsoft Corporation
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