Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Initial version of Counter

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Initial version of Counter

SM> Initial version of Counter working draft and an updated schema

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Tue Aug 03 2004 - 09:35:31 EDT

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    I have posted my first version of the counters working draft that was
    created from the table we had been using. Have a look and be ready to
    comment when we meet in Montreal. Of course I would appreciate ANY comments
    in any form. It is not clear to me how I should name the working draft
    since the work initially started in WIMS but the content is really an
    extension to the Semantic Model. I had to name it something so I based the
    name on a Semantic Model counter extension. This will be one of the first
    things we will fix. There are about 16 issues highlighted throughout the 30
    page document. Although the document is 30 pages 9 of those are boilerplate
    and another 10 are various tables. The remaining pages have 6 figures so
    the content is still a quick read at this point.

    Figure 5 and 6 did not work properly when I generated the PDF. To see them
    you will have to look in the word version.


    The working draft is available at:
    <> (and .doc)


    The schema is available at:




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