Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> WIMS Teleconference May 3

SM> WIMS Teleconference May 3

Date: Mon May 01 2006 - 17:17:09 EDT

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    There will be a WIMS protocol teleconference this Wednesday 3 May. General subject will be the clarifications of the specification as a result of Stuart's comments. I will have detailed comments and reference to an updated draft tomorrow.

    There will be no WIMS Protocol teleconference next week, 10 May. Rather, Peter has indicated that there will be an SM call.

    Bill Wagner

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    I am unavailable all Wednesday. I have to cancel the SM teleconference. I would like to move it to May 10 if there is objection. If WIMS needs next week let me know. I'll post a meeting note and agenda when I hear from someone in WIMS about their teleconference requirements.


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