[Cloud] Question on "all" print jobs

[Cloud] Question on "all" print jobs

[Cloud] Question on "all" print jobs

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Wed Apr 17 14:53:02 UTC 2013



On Monday's meeting, Paul brought up a question of the other
job-submission connections (i.e. direct network connection) to a Printer
(to the Print Manager) other than the Cloud connectivity we are
discussing in this group.  This brings up the question of whether other
job-submission should be reported or not.  That is, is it important or
is it needed to be known "how busy a printer is".  Without knowing "all"
the print jobs associated with the printer true loading cannot be
determined.   This assumes the Print Manager manages all job for a
printer no matter the submission source. 



*	If no requirement - "A Print Manager "MUST NOT" (or at least
"SHOULD NOT") report to the Cloud Print Service jobs originating from
other job-submission services (i.e. a network print service)."




*	If there is a requirement - "A Print Manager "MUST" (or at least
"SHOULD") report to the Cloud Print Service the total number (and size?)
of "all" print jobs no matter the originating job-submission services."




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