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IdPriorityStatusSummaryLast Updated
31LOWPendingReference to "[PWG5101.2]" is actually to PWG5101.1Feb 9, 2018
 Michael Sweet: Moved to PWG 5100.14...
11MODPendingprinter-current-time should be recommended (with new note) in table 6Feb 9, 2018
 Michael Sweet: printer-current-time as recommended (with new note) in table 6
12MODPendingFix date in 5100.12 reference URLFeb 9, 2018
 Michael Sweet: Fix date in 5100.12 reference URL
13MODPendingFix referencesFeb 9, 2018
 Michael Sweet: Update EXIF reference/URL
Fix MSN reference
14MODPendingUpdate pdl-override-supported requirementsFeb 9, 2018
 Michael Sweet: (pdl-override-supported requirements)
15MODPendingOutlaw relative URIs ("//ipp/print")Feb 9, 2018
 Michael Sweet: Outlaw relative URIs ("//ipp/print")
26MODPendingIncorrect "job-preferred-attributes-supported" in table 6 (page 35)Feb 9, 2018
 Michael Sweet: Table 6 lists the "job-preferred-attributes-supported" attribute, but this should be "preferred-attributes-supported" …
33MODPendingNote 1 / Note 2 / Note 3 for tables listing required operations or attributes sh…Feb 9, 2018
 Michael Sweet: From prior discussions, the consensus seemed to be to remove the notes entirely.
34MODPendingTable 6: "overrides-supported" should be annotated with "note 6", not "note 2"Feb 9, 2018
 Smith Kennedy: In Table 6, on page 36, the "overrides-supported" item should be annotated with "note 6", not "note 2". …
35MODPending"overrides-supported": 'document-numbers' should be conditionally required depen…Feb 9, 2018
 Smith Kennedy: Although 5100.6, where "overrides" and "overrides-supported" are defined mandates support for 'document-numbers', …