IFX Mail Archive: IFX> RE: notes from the ietf FAX wg meetin

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> RE: notes from the ietf FAX wg meetin

IFX> RE: notes from the ietf FAX wg meeting at IETF 51

From: Wagner,William (wwagner@netsilicon.com)
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 12:14:29 EDT

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    I think the main point that John makes, that there should be just one
    document defining TIFF-FX, is the critical point. The advantage of quickly
    generating a document defining "safe" TIFF-FX is specious since many
    companies, including the companies with which NetSilicon works, already are
    shipping equipment which includes advanced TIFF-FX. The consensus on what is
    "safe" will be colored by the fact that no one wants to agree to a
    definition that makes their existing equipment nonstandard. By fully
    defining all existing and planned TIFF-FX variations as John suggests, a
    clear statement is made about what variations exist and how each is to be
    identified. Fragmenting this information in multiple documents will lead
    to confusion, which is contrary to the purpose of a standard. We also
    believe that a single document will, in the last analysis, provide for a
    faster consensus on the more feature rich modes which are necessary to make
    IFAX viable.

    William A. Wagner (Bill Wagner)
    Director of Technology
    Imaging Division
    NetSilicon, Inc.

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    > I believe it would be better and faster to resolve the IP issues quickly
    > publish TIFF-FX as a single revised document. The revised document
    > restrict the use of the existing image/tiff MIME type and .tif (or .tiff)
    > file name extensions to profiles S and F, and assign a new MIME type and
    > file name extension for the profiles J, C, L, and M (perhaps image/tifx
    > .tfx (or .tifx)). By restricting image/tiff to profiles S and F, TIFF-FX
    > keeps compatibility with TIFF-6. By allowing image/tiff and .tif (or
    > for the S and F profiles, TIFF-FX reflects what exists in many deployed
    > TIFF-FX devices.
    > Let's call this solution option 5. It's a variant of options 1 and 4.

    Yes, a good idea. One document is better for all implementers, I think.
    But, how do we separate is the discussion issue.


    > If the document remains as one, we avoid spending the time to edit and
    > acceptance of the new documents. In addition, with a single document there
    > are more people to pressure Adobe and Xerox to agree quickly on the IP
    > issues.

    Right. We need to avoid spending time for our market.
    Thanks for your comment.


    Hiroshi Tamura, Co-chair of IETF-FAX WG
    E-mail: tamura@toda.ricoh.co.jp

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