IPP Mail Archive: IPP> the *platform* vendor will create the driver

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> the *platform* vendor will create the driver

IPP> the *platform* vendor will create the driver

David R Spencer (david@spencer.com)
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 20:38:37 -0500


I'm just an observer, but your comment here confuses me:

>> Seems to me that applications care more about the printer driver API
>> in the host OS rather than the protocol. The printer vendor will
>> create the driver, the app writer just prints to the API.
>Actually, most PWG members would rather say "the *platform* vendor
>will create the driver". Hence, the critical importance of getting
>such players as Microsoft on board (and *happy* ;-).

Some drivers need to incorporate RGB to CMYK color conversion, perhaps with=
multiple gamut intents, all dependent upon device-unique screening, ink=
colors, etc. etc. Unique features, such as PostScript allows in PPDs, must=
be included. These are product differentiators and potential competitive=
advantages. It therefore seems that the printer vendor should be=
responsible for driver development -- even if it is subcontracted -- not=
the platform vendor.

Are you saying that the "driver" is only a shell and that the vendors can=
deal with everything through PPDs or their non-PostScript PDL equivalents? =
Even in that case, I recall one major vendor shipping an "obsolete" driver=
with his new machine because the "current" platform driver shell could not=
support his features/needs. =20

Are the printer vendors active PWG members?=20

What am I missing?

David Spencer=20

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