IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> ADM - Reminder about job openings and home work ass

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> ADM - Reminder about job openings and home work ass

RE: IPP> ADM - Reminder about job openings and home work ass

Harry Lewis (harryl@us.ibm.com)
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 02:00:40 -0400

With the goal of "IPP SDP" to have one protocol for submission and mana=
I see two paths.

1. Create an entirely redundant encoding of all the Printer MIB objects=
this new SDP protocol
2. Provide a way for the SDP to access the current MIB OIDs.

Given that many (most?) of us already have the Printer MIB data represe=
in our printers, I prefer (2).

I can see Randy's point if the desire was to keep print submission and
management separate, but I think, if you accept the premise of SDP in t=
he first
place, you must abandon this approach.

As for security, this seems like an odd reasoning. Security was always =
one of
SNMP's weak points and something IPP has struggled to achieve. Besides,=
I don't
think Scott has recommended and SETs to the OIDs.

One of the highlights of SENSE I remember Jay telling us about was that=
, with
one query, he could get the whole Printer MIB. It didn't seem like a th=

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

owner-ipp@pwg.org on 04/24/98 09:53:49 PM
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Subject: RE: IPP> ADM - Reminder about job openings and home work ass

I have some reservations about using the concept of using IPP to
encapsulate OID to access SNMP MIB objects. I think we should be very
careful about the scope and requirements for such a capability. The
biggest problem I guess I have with this is that we MUST make sure that=

IPP is not used to circumvent or hack access to manageable objects whic=
might otherwise be secured by standard SNMP security methods. There are=

other considerations such as the definition of request and response
attributes, and whether or not we have a rich enough value syntax to
describe current SMI data objects.
I could go on but its Friday night and I'm getting dirty looks...;)


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> Scott,
> I would be very interested in tunneling SNMP OID's through IPP for
> printer management. It seems like a very reasonable concept to do an=
> it could allow for the enabling of millions of printers in existence
> today. I'd like to see you continue your effort within IPP.
> I am still a proponent that IPP was intended to become a universal,
> catch-all printing protocol - which is why I am not on the SDP mailin=
> list. By definition of "Server-to-Device", it would seem as if the
> client is already being left out. I could have sworn that some peopl=
> within the IPP WG were trying to limit the number of protocols that
> needed to be implemented....
> Kris Schoff
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> > >
> > > 4) Revised draft on getting MIB info over IPP - Uncertain whether=

> > this is
> > > still part of IPP or should be part of the SDP discussion? (Scott=

> > I.)
> >
> > Unless this is still part of an IPP discussion, then I am not
> > interested in
> > participating. I plan to rev the document and post and an I-D
> (non-WG
> > draft if necessary), but I would like for it to be a WG draft.
> >
> > Scott
> >