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RE: IPP> Re: Root OID for IPP Printer Schema

From: James Kempf (James.Kempf@Eng.Sun.COM)
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 17:08:21 EDT

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    >Well, if Sun doesn't want you to use their arc for this, that is a
    >different problem altogether. If it will help, I'm certainly willing to
    >donate an arc off of my branch of the OID tree:

    No, it's not a matter of "Sun not wanting to", it's just that it seems there
    is some amount of unhappiness about using a Sun-specific arc. Since
    I put the OID in the draft, we're perfectly happy to donate the OID.

    >I've already used a couple of branches underneath this, but I'm willing to
    >allocate: for your use.

    It sounds to me like most people would prefer a neutral arc, not
    allocated to any company, but I can use this OID if there is no

    What do people think? Should I use Bruce's or go to IANA for one?


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