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RE: IPP> Re: Root OID for IPP Printer Schema

From: McDonald, Ira (imcdonald@sharplabs.com)
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 17:57:30 EDT

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    Hi James,

    I don't see any base arc in your SLP to LDAP translation
    spec for all SLP templates to allocate below. But we
    have some complications anyway.

    We referred to your translation spec a good deal, BUT,
    during development of the LDAP schema, folks from IBM,
    Sharp, and Xerox indicated that they wanted an LDAP
    printer schema that was independent of SLP (and shorn
    of the SLP base attributes).

    So our actual draft defines 6 object classes:

    slpServicePrinter - aux class for SLP registered printers
    servicePrinter - abstract class - to be renamed 'printerAbstract'
    printerService - base structural class for printers
    printerServiceAuxClass - aux class for adding printer to
            some other object class
    printerIPP - aux class for IPP printers
    printerLPR - aux class for LPR printers

    (the first one defines the SLP standard attributes for
    attachment to either 'printerService' structural or
    'printerServiceAuxClass' aux objects)
    (the last two are attached to one of the preceding two)

    So we need OIDs for six classes and a number of attributes.

    There are a lot of deployed LDAP-capable directories that
    have proprietary printer objects or ones from other standards
    (like DMTF's CIM printer). It proves useful to use the
    'printerServiceAuxClass' to augment these existing printer
    objects with interoperable standardized attributes.

    Hope this helps set some context.

    - Ira McDonald, co-author LDAP printer schema
      High North Inc

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    >Well, if Sun doesn't want you to use their arc for this, that is a
    >different problem altogether. If it will help, I'm certainly willing to
    >donate an arc off of my branch of the OID tree:

    No, it's not a matter of "Sun not wanting to", it's just that it seems there
    is some amount of unhappiness about using a Sun-specific arc. Since
    I put the OID in the draft, we're perfectly happy to donate the OID.

    >I've already used a couple of branches underneath this, but I'm willing to
    >allocate: for your use.

    It sounds to me like most people would prefer a neutral arc, not
    allocated to any company, but I can use this OID if there is no

    What do people think? Should I use Bruce's or go to IANA for one?


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