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From: MATTS,SANDRA (HP-Boise,ex1) (sandra_matts@hp.com)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 11:28:43 EDT

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    Hi All,
            This May will be the two year mark of my job chairing the
    UPDF portion of the PWG. There have been alot of changes during
    the two years at HP and I am now part of a different organization.

            My new management has decided that I must give up
    the chairperson. It takes up quite a bit of my time just to
    prepare for the meetings. Also travel to the meetings and then
    attending the meetings takes up almost a full week. New York will
    be my last meeting as chair.

            I will still be able to participate but only as
    a regular member.

            I put it out to the group to see if another person
    wants to take over the chair. Please resond with
    thoughts, ideas.

    Sandra Matts

    Sandra Matts
    Engineer Scientist
    (208) 396-4755 phone

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