UPD Mail Archive: UPD> the big picture

UPD> the big picture

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@oaktech.com)
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 15:31:51 EDT

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    We want to save the current version of the UPDF DTD. So I copied it to
    updf1.dtd indicating that this was the first level of that UPDF DTD. We have
    to do that on the UPDF site, too.

    I am editing the updf.dtd to bring the new pieces together. The attached
    version is still unchanged just to get you familiar with it.
    We are going to work in section DeviceCap.Features, PrinterCap, Features.
    I am removing the layer "Global". All features will live on the same level
    directly assigned to Features.
    The features PaperMedia, PaperHandling, FINISHINGS will be handled in "UPDF
    PrintMediaHandling.DTD", which is the former "Paper Handling.DTD". This DTD
    will be included in the master DTD.
    Dimension for print media handling will be centimeter/10000 all over the
    place. This is definitely small enough to work for rounding. It is
    resolution independent. It is the unit used in NT systems (this reason has
    lowest priority).

    We are removing as much of the locale specific stuff out of the technical
    DTD as possible.
    That forces us to think about defaults in detail.
    I have moved it to the "UPDF Locale.DTD", where it belongs. See attached
    DTD. The question is the best implementation there.
    As before the main goal is to simplify creating or deleting locales as much
    as possible. With a defaults section in the locale DTD a file copy will
    provide all creation of new tags.
    The current updf.dtd still has locale settings all over the place, which
    needs editing at many different places when we want to add a new locale.

    If there are problems so far, speak now.


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