UPD Mail Archive: UPD> corrected versions

UPD Mail Archive: UPD> corrected versions

UPD> corrected versions

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@oaktech.com)
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 17:19:15 EDT

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    I have worked hard to correct all the problems with the old XML file based
    on the old technical master UPDF.DTD.
    I tried to stay with the structure as much as possible by making some
    elements optional, adding some small pieces here and there.
    Now the DTD as well as the XML file should be error free. I got a successful
    validation in my XML editor.
    The warnings (no error!) I get in XML Authority 1.2 are a current limitation
    of the application. I am in contact with them. See note:

    """The yellow warnings Authority issues when loading the DTD are a current
    limitation of Authority's support for this type of structure. You are
    correct, this is valid. Authority supports this, but needs to fully expand
    the attribute type. The logical structure is not changed, Authority's
    yellow warnings are just telling you that the source will be saved as you
    see it in the source pane. The next release of Authority is targeting full
    support of these structures as you have written them. If you have any
    further questions, impressions, suggestions, etc. please don't hesitate to
    contact me again. """ (comment from extensibility)

    The "UPDF Constraints.DTD" has not changed.

    That is another step to come to the big picture. Now we can work with the
    master dtd, which already includes the dtd for constraints. While reviewing
    the sections and working on paper handling, we can clean up.

    I want to discuss one common feature out of paper handling publically in the
    Internet as a sample. I think print media size is the most important. So
    let's take that. The point is to get all necessary information together. I
    can wrap it into XML, as I have improved on the syntax. It's not mainly
    about XML, but I would like us to use standard applications to see the
    structure. That is possible without understanding one line of XML.

    I'd like to have a continuous contact in the IPP group for some time when
    working on paper handling. It's about implementing IPP keywords the best
    To make everybody understand the issue: This is affecting the way a driver
    is feeding and listening to a language monitor or similar functional unit in
    a client. We will make some basic decisions, what a driver can expect from a
    UPDF to assemble perfect IPP.
    If we can work the architecture out during the bake-off next week, that
    would be perfect. The real discussion should not be much more than an hour.
    The rest like assembling lists can be done by email.


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