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UPD> minimum hardware margins

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@mediaone.net)
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 17:00:04 EDT

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    Within UPDF we were working with absolute units of mm/1000 in a number of cases like everything, which had to do with media handling.

    We commit to implement the new spec for global media handling (Ron's spec) from now on.
    We want to indicate our full support of this spec in our concept.
    Current implementations within our protocol will already be based on draft 0.6.
    We expect the syntax not to be changed drastically any more!
    We don't have problems with adding or removing some keywords within the well defined lists. But this has to be finished soon (within April) not to let us slip out of our own schedules.
    As we are finishing our implementation of our mother sample followed directly by a number of sample implementations based on that mother, we are in a critical process.

    The spec specifies two special values outside the list of keywords used in the lists, which are used for minimum and maximum media sizes.

    We will use that same syntax for one additional case to let a driver use the same routines all over the place.

    We leave it to the global media handling spec, where it adds these keywords (as side notes or recommendations) or not.

    The proposals for the new keywords within UPDF are


    Syntax should look familiar to you.
    'na' is optional like in definitions for media size. It generally follows the rules of the spec.
    In this sample the minimum margins are a quarter of an inch.

    Confirmation requested within the UPDF group.
    Comment from IPP group and the spec owners appreciated.

    We may use this syntax, if needed in other places, as well to provide a consistent concept.

    Thanks to the very good work of Ron Bergman, Tom Hasting and others.

    Norbert Schade

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