UPD Mail Archive: UPD> telecon Friday, April 20th, noon EST

UPD> telecon Friday, April 20th, noon EST

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@oaktech.com)
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 13:58:20 EDT

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    We will have an UPDF tele conference at the specified time.
    I have prepared 10 ports based on the current feedback.
    Estimated duration: about half an hour. Can be easily extended, if necessary.
    Dial in number: 800-464-6549.
    The participant code will be: 328380
    I will host the conference. Jim Sommer will sit next to me.

    1. General questions
    There are a number of folks, who were watching the distributor for quite a while, but have started looking at the dtd and XML definitions lately. I want to give them the chance to ask general questions about syntax and handling.
    2. Print media handling (Job settings are extra)
    This is a huge block getting more and more into final shape. I am working on the mother sample parallel so that we have life data to look at.
    Features ready for confirmation: Orientations, Sizes, Types, Colors, Coatings, Sources, NUp, NUpPageOrder.
    Features prepared for discussion: Copies, Collations, Destinations.
    Features still open: Stapling, Punching, Weights, Jogging, Duplex, Booklet, Zooming, PageOrder.
    The features MediaPrePunchedHoles (may merge with Punching) and MediaPrePrintedForms (may merge with types) are more listed as a placeholder that we don't forget them.
    We will spend a few minutes on generic features. You are supposed to know about the general idea. It's more to talk whether we may want to make any of the above mentioned features a generic one.
    3. Job settings
    I am still figuring that out. As this is closely related to the communication/job protocol, I am afraid of specifying to much syntax of it like the devil fears the water. My understanding is that we (UPDF) just feed parameters like pairs of keyword+parameter to an imaginary API.
    Example: I don't want a developer write something like '@PJL RET=OFFcrlf' or so nor something in IPP language. I want them to write down a keyword (could be 'ResolutionEnhancement') and a parameter (could be 'Off'). If there is a DLL or whatever, which feels responsible to do the job language, it should build commands from it.
    I also don't want to specify all the job init/deinit etc. This should as well be handled by the job language DLL or wherever this routine lives.
    This reaches out into bidi land. I still want to keep that short, until I have a more solid base on that subject. Let's just here your general opinions.
    4. CommandSequences
    Just to explain the samples. If you have questions about the Parameter Converter, this is the time.
    5. Locales
    Just to explain the samples.
    6. Event handlers
    As this is one of the next things, I will fill with life in the mother sample, I generally want to cover that shortly to prepare the email traffic.
    7. Raster graphic
    If there is still time and people are still awake, we may start a discussion, how much we want to specify about the details of raster graphic handling. Again more a general brainstorming and collecting opinions.

    We will not talk about color this time. This has to be prepared more. I will do that directly with some people and propose something to the public, which can then be discussed. This is more effective.
    Tom, expect me to contact you next week.

    CompositeFeature is another subject, which we generally discussed in a conference without coming to a final solution. I'm sitting on that like a hen on her egg waiting for the wonder. I'm not sure how a hen feels (not even a rooster), but I don't feel very special at all.
    If somebody has a question or comment in that area, contact me upfront please.

    So far we do not have a list of predefined parameters passed into our command sequences or other fields by the driver. the number of copies would be an example. This will grow during the mother sample.

    It would make talking easier, if you all had your dtd and XML editors open. We will often refer to elements and attributes.
    Expect me to send the latest version on Thursday night, April 19th.

    We may refer to the latest global media handling spec available at:
    ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/media-sizes/pwg-media-06.pdf (or .doc)
    Please have that prepared as well.

    Norbert Schade
    Principle Software Engineer
    Host Software Group
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    Phone: 1-781-638-7614
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    email: norbertschade@oaktech.com

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