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Re: UPD> Re: UPDF open standard for locales

From: Jim Sommer (sommer@granitesystems.com)
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 09:05:53 EDT

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    Here's the translation of the locales that Mark listed:

    esGT-Spanish-Guatemala (this was in the original list)
    esHN-Spanish-Honduras (this was incorrectly listed as esHM in the original
    glES-Galician-Spain (from the Linux web site, not Mark's list)
    knIN-Kannada-India (this was in the original list)
    kwGB-Cornish-United_Kingdom (kw is not in the ISO language list)

    I couldn't find the country SU but looking at the Linux web site, I figured
    it was a typo and supposed to be SD.

    enZA was in the original list but from the Linux web site I found that enZW
    was missing.

    I couldn't find the language fs but found that faIN was missing.

    I don't think we should include kwGB since Cornish isn't in the ISO
    language list.


    At 4/18/01 08:07 PM, Mark VanderWiele wrote:
    >Norbert: I will try to get the following information into the desired
    >format. However, I wanted to let you know that the Linux globaization work
    >is tackling the same problem and has another locals list. They have
    >identified arIN, arSU, deBE, enBE, enBW, enHK, enIN, enSG, enZA, esGT,
    >esHN, fsIN, gvGB, knIN,kwGB, psIN, ruUA, sdIN, shYU, srYU as missing in
    >your list of locals.
    >Mark VanderWiele
    >IBM, Linux Technology Center
    >512-838-4779, t/l 678
    >email: markv@us.ibm.com
    >---------------------- Forwarded by Mark VanderWiele/Austin/IBM on
    >04/18/2001 06:33 PM ---------------------------
    >Akio Kido@IBMJP
    >04/16/2001 09:13 PM
    >To: Mark VanderWiele/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
    >cc: George Kraft/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
    >From: Akio Kido/Japan/IBM@IBMJP
    >Subject: Re: UPDF open standard for locales (Document link: Mark
    > VanderWiele)
    >Hi, Mark. Sorry for my delaied response. ( I was on business trip on last
    >week and restricted access to IBM network ).
    >Annex B of LI18NUX2000 Globalization specification specified the list of
    >locales that should be supported by
    >LI18NUX2000 confomant distribution. Please refer to
    >As far as I checked the LI18NUX2000, the following locales are in the
    >LI18NUX2000 but not in the list
    >arIN, arSU, deBE, enBE, enBW, enHK, enIN, enSG, enZA, esGT, esHN, fsIN,
    >gvGB, knIN,
    >kwGB, psIN, ruUA, sdIN, shYU, srYU.
    >Best regards,
    >Akio Kido (Globalization CoC, Yamato, IBM & Co-chair person of Li18nux)
    >1623-14, Shimotsuruma, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa-ken 242, Japan (LAB-SA4)
    >E-mail: kido@jp.ibm.com Tel: +81-46-215-5436 FAX: +81-46-272-3352
    >From: Mark VanderWiele@IBMUS on 2001/04/13 09:10
    >To: Akio Kido/Japan/IBM@IBMJP
    >cc: George Kraft/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
    >From: Mark VanderWiele/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
    >Subject: Re: UPDF open standard for locales
    >Kido-san: The following list all the way at the bottom of this note is a
    >proposed list to identify translations in the Universal Printer Driver
    >Format standard being worked on by the Printer Working Group (www.pwg.org).
    >Please verify its completeness, Forward to other IBM interested parties, &
    >and or propose a better source. I am told you may be working on an I18N
    >standard for locals. Is this true? Is there another list I should be
    >looking at?
    >Thank you,
    >Mark VanderWiele
    >IBM, Linux Technology Center
    >512-838-4779, t/l 678
    >email: markv@us.ibm.com

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