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Re: UPD> color handling for experts

From: Jim Sommer (jsommer@bellatlantic.net)
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 08:12:02 EDT

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    I think that we should have Color Correction Method and ICC Intent features
    but not dmDitherType.

    The Color Correction Method feature should have the three settings that
    Norbert outlined (none, device, system). This feature will allow a user to
    enable and disable color correction. If a device has both an ICC profile
    and device color correction, then the user can also choose between the two

    Since we are saying that we support color correction using ICC profiles,
    then we should support the once basic ICC control which is intent. The ICC
    Intent feature should have four settings (perceptual, media-relative
    colorimetric, saturation, ICC-absolute colorimetric). These settings are
    defined in the ICC profile specification. This feature will allow the user
    to direct ICC profile-based color correction for their particular print job.

    I don't think that we should have a feature associated with dmDitherType.
    It's use in Windows is not clear - does Windows ICM do the dithering or is
    it just an indication of how the driver or device is supposed to do the
    dithering? This is a global setting whereas we already have object specific
    settings so what would the interaction be? I think we should just leave
    this out unless someone can come up with a clear case for adding support.


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