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Re: UPD> greyscale

From: Jim Sommer (jsommer@bellatlantic.net)
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 09:05:49 EDT

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    >3. Hypothesis: There is a new device, which needs a true greyscale input.
    >Condition 1: the UPDF driver has to support a color to greyscale
    >conversion. Do we expect a UPDF driver to do that?
    >Condition 2: The ColorMode record for greyscale would have one black plane
    >(my personal opinion!), but no other planes.

    I think we need to address the case of grayscale printing on a color
    device. I know of devices that always print in color unless grayscale data
    is sent. What if we added a DeviceFeature attribute on the ColorMode
    element to indicate if the driver needs to create the grayscale data or if
    the command sequence will cause the device to do the grayscaling?


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