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This page contains links to the proposals presented before the 1394 PWG. All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Note: The 1394 PWG meetings between October of 1999 and May of 2000 were primarily focused on the work of the IEEE P1394.3 Working Group.

Documents from Online Chat. 7/31/2000

  Summary [LeClair] 07312000_ChatNotes.pdf
  Chat Transcript [LeClair,Shimura,Batchelder,Thrasher] 07312000_ChatSession.pdf

Documents from San Francisco, CA Mtg. 7/14/2000

  Meeting Minutes [Farrell] 000714_minutes.pdf
  Print Profile Template [Batchelder] Printing_Profile.pdf

Documents from New York, NY Mtg. 5/15/2000

  Meeting Minutes [Farrell] 000515_minutes.pdf

Documents for Durham, NC Mtg. 10/25/99

  Meeting Minutes [Farrell] 991025_minutes.pdf
  Peer to Peer Data Transport Rev 0.7 [Johansson] PPDT_r07.pdf
  IEEE WG PAR [LeClair] 991024PAR.pdf
  Error Recovery Proposal [Shimura] Recovery9910.pdf
  Peer to Peer Data Transport - Completion Status [Johansson] PPDT_Status.pdf
  Service Names Registry Proposal [Batchelder] Service_Registry.pdf

Documents for Denver Mtg. 9/20/99

  Meeting Minutes [Fenelon] 990920_minutes.pdf
  Peer to Peer Data Transport Rev 0.6 [Johansson] PPDT_r06.pdf
  Target Initiated Login proposal - Rev. 0.3 [Berkema] msg_rrp3.pdf
  PWG OUI Status Presentation - Sept. 99 [LeClair] 1394-PWG-OUI-STATUS-Sept-99.PDF
  PWG OUI Usage Proposal [LeClair] P1394-OUI-Usage-Proposal.PDF
  SPI Mapping Proposal [Nagasaka] SPI-mapping.pdf
  Transport Flags Proposal [Shimura] Flags0999a.pdf

Documents for Alaska Mtg. 8/16/99

  Meeting Minutes [Farrell] 990816_minutes.pdf
  Peer to Peer Data Transport [Johansson] PPDT_r05.pdf
  Device ID Descriptor Proposal [Isoda] DeviceID.pdf
  Destination ID Proposal [Shimura] DestId0799.pdf
  Consideration for Service Descriptor Syntax [Shimura] SrvDesc0799.pdf
  Service Discovery Protocol [Shimura] SrvDir0799.pdf
  Target Initiated Login proposal -Revised [Berkema] msg_rrp2.pdf
  Target Initiated Login proposal [Berkema] msg_rrp.pdf
  1394 PWG Schedule [Berkema] sched0899.pdf
  Destination ID Presentation [Shimura] DestId0899pre.pdf
  Service Descriptor Syntax Presentation [Shimura] SrvDesc0899pre.pdf
  Service Discovery Protocol Presentation [Shimura] SrvDir0899pre.pdf
  Reset Connection Presentation [Shimura] RstConn0899.pdf
  Device ID Descriptor Presentation [Shimura] DeviceId0899pr.pdf
  Non-Blocking Mode Presentation [Shimura] SoFlag0899.pdf

Documents for Copenhagen Mtg. 7/5/99

  Meeting Minutes [Farrell] 990705_minutes.pdf
  1394 PWG Profile Rev 0.4 [Johansson] PPDT_r04.pdf
  1394 PWG OUI Status [LeClair] pwg_oui_0799.pdf
  IEEE PAR proposal [Johansson] par_r02.pdf
  IEEE PAR proposal [LeClair] par0799.pdf
  Error Recovery Proposal [Shimura] recv0799.pdf
  Proposed text for Disconnect - Sections 8.4.3 and 8.4.4 [Shimura] disc0799.pdf
  Implementing Peek Function [Shimura] Peek0799.pdf
  Error Recovery Presentation [Shimura] RECV0799PR.pdf
  PNP Task Group Findings Rev. 0.1 [LeClair] pnp_rev01.pdf
  1394 PWG Protocol Requirements Update (Not reviewed in mtg.) [Batchelder] protocol_requirements_12.pdf

Documents for Philadelphia Mtg. 5/24/99

  Meeting Minutes [Batchelder] 990525_minutes.pdf
  Imaging Data Transport Proposal (later than IDT_r02.pdf below) [Johansson] IDT_r03.pdf
  Implementing Datagrams on Queue 0 [Batchelder] dgram_q0.pdf
  Service Discovery [Batchelder] Svc_Disc.pdf
  Missing ACK / NAK problem [Shimura] ACK0525.pdf
  Reset Connection [Shimura] RESET525.pdf
  Notify Bits - Interoperability issue [Isoda] notify2.pdf
  IDT Document Milestones [Berkema] pwgsched1.pdf
  Connectionless Services [Batchelder] connxless.pdf
  Imaging Data Transport Proposal [Johansson] IDT_r02.pdf

Documents for New Orleans Mtg. 4/13/99

  Meeting Minutes [Stein] 990413_minutes.pdf
  Disconnect Proposal [Nagasaka] proposal-99.03.19.pdf
  Reliable Disconnection across Bus Reset [Isoda] DisconnReConfpre.pdf
  Blocking / Non-Blocking issues Presentation [Shimura] NonBlock.pdf
  Service Provider Interface Proposal [Batchelder] API_020.pdf

Documents from Miami Mtg. 3/1/99

  Meeting Minutes [Stein] 990302_minutes.pdf
  Model and Command set Rev .49 [Berkema] pwgpr49.pdf
  1394 PWG Profile - Rev .55 [Berkema] pwgpro55.pdf
  Configuration ROM - Rev .4 [LeClair] cfgrom04.pdf
  New Profile Proposal - Revised 2/28 [Johansson] IDT_r01.pdf
  New Profile Proposal [Johansson] IDT_r00.pdf
  Signature Presentation slides - 3/2 [Shimura] signature.pdf
  Final Bit Presentation slides - 3/2 [Isoda] finalbit007.pdf

Documents from Maui Mtg. 1/21/99

  Meeting Minutes [Stein] 990121_minutes.pdf
  Configuration ROM 0.3a [LeClair] cfgrom03a.pdf
  Graceful Disconnect [Shimura] GraceDsc.pdf
  Half Close Connection [Shimura] HalfClos.pdf
  Tag and End of Message Presentation [Batchelder] Tag_and_EOM_Bits.pdf
  Configuration ROM 0.2b (superseded by 0.3a) [LeClair] cfgrom02b.pdf
  Model and Command set Rev .45 [Berkema] pwgpr45.pdf

Documents from San Diego Mtg. 12/9/98

  Meeting Minutes [Stein] Min_9812.pdf
  Variable MAX_TASK_SET_SIZE Proposal [Shimura] VarMaxT1.pdf
  Variable MAX_TASK_SET_SIZE Presentation [Shimura] VMaxTPrs.pdf
  Model and Command Set Proposal [Berkema] pwgpr43.pdf
  Kill Queue Command Proposal [Isoda] killcommandpre981214x.pdf
  Transparent Transport Over SBP-2 Abort Task Set [Isoda] AbortTaskSet981214x.pdf

Documents from Tucson Mtg. 11/9/98

  Meeting Minutes [Stein] min_981109.pdf
  Buffer Persistence Capability Proposal [Shimura] ParamPr1.pdf
  1394 PWG Model Overview Presentation [Berkema] tus_lun.pdf
  1394 PWG Service Discovery Presentation [LeClair] svc_disc.pdf

Documents from Savannah Mtg. 9/28/98-9/29/98

  Minutes from Savannah Meeting [Farrell] 980928_minutes.pdf
  Imaging Device Profile - Rev. 0.52 [PWG] pwgpro52.pdf
  New Proposal - SBP-2 Command Set - Rev. 0a [Nagasaka] proposal-cmd-1a.pdf
  New Proposal - Service Provider Interface presentation - [Batchelder] Service_Provider_Interface.pdf

Documents from Toronto Mtg. 8/17/98-8/18/98

  Minutes from Toronto Meeting [Farrell] 980817_minutes.pdf
  SBP-2 Transport Issue Presentation - [Shimura] MaxT2Isz.pdf
  Sequence ID Gap Proposal - [Shimura] SeqIdGap.pdf
  SBP-2 Transport Command Set Proposal - Rev. 0d [Shue] pwgcmd0d.pdf

Documents from Monterey, CA Mtg. 7/6/98-7/7/98

  Minutes from Monterey Meeting [Farrell] 980706_minutes.pdf
  Imaging Device Profile - Rev. 0.4 [PWG] pwgpro4.pdf
  SBP-2 Transport Command Set Proposal - Rev. 0c [Shue] pwgcmd0c.pdf
  1394 PWG Imaging Profile Configuration ROM Proposal - Rev. 01 [LeClair] pwg_cfgrom.pdf
  SHPT Error Recovery Presentation [Shimura / Ueda / Isoda] SHPTPR0704F.pdf

Documents from Crystal City, VA / Wash., DC Mtg. 5/18/98-5/19/98

  Minutes from VA Meeting [Farrell] 9805-min.pdf
  White Paper on SBP-2 Commercial OS support [Nagasaka] WhitePaper2.pdf
  FDS Examples [Nakamura] FDSexamples.pdf
  FDS Review [Nakamura] FDSreview.pdf
  Command Set Proposal for 1394 PWG Profile [Shue] pwgcmd0a.pdf
  SHPT Proposal - Rev. 0.5 [Shimura] SHPT05ap.pdf
  Imaging Device Profile - Rev. 0.3 [PWG] pwgpro3.pdf
  Dynamic LUN Discussion Paper - [Berkema] dlun.pdf
  SHPT - Updated Presentation Materials from Portland Meeting - [Ueda/Shimura/Isoda] shptpre0405.pdf

1394 PWG Teleconferences

  February 23rd Minutes [PWG] 980223-telecon.pdf
  December 15th Minutes [PWG] 971215-telecon.pdf

Documents from Portland 4/6/98-4/7/98

  Minutes from Portland Meeting [Farrell] 980406_minutes.pdf
  Imaging Device Profile - Rev. 0.2 [PWG] prof_02.pdf
  Updated FDS status reportas of Jan'98 p1212r mtg. - [Nakamura] fds9804.pdf
  SBP-2 SHPT - Simplified High Performance Transport Draft Proposal - Rev 0.4d - [Ueda/Shimura/Isoda] shpt04d.pdf
  SHPT - Presentation Materials for Portland Meeting - [Ueda/Shimura/Isoda] shptprs4.pdf
  SHPT - Proposal (Get 0.4d instead) - Rev 0.4c - [Ueda/Shimura/Isoda] shpt04c_model.pdf

Documents from Austin 3/2/98-3/3/98

  Minutes from Austin Meeting [Stein/Farrell] 980303_minutes.pdf
  SBP-2 Profile Data Flow [Shue] sbp2_data_flow.pdf
  Imaging Device Profile - Rev. 0.1d [Shue/Berkema] prof_01d.pdf
  1394 PWG Protocol Requirements Update [Batchelder] protocol_requirements_11.pdf
  1394 PWG Protocol Comparison Table [Batchelder] protocol_comparison_10.pdf

Documents from Maui 1/26/98-1/27/98

  Minutes from Maui Meeting [Farrell] 980126_minutes.pdf
  Presentation on Imaging Device Profile [Shue] pwgsbp2.pdf
  Imaging Device Profile - Rev. 0.1c [Shue/Berkema] prof_01c.pdf
  1284.4 Transport - SBP-2 Data Link Issues [Nagasaka] 1284_dl_issues.pdf

Documents from Los Angeles 12/1/98-12/2/98

  Minutes from Los Angeles Meeting [Stein] 1394min_9712.pdf
  High Performance Transport presentation [Shimura] hptprs12.pdf
  Imaging Device Profile - Rev. 0.05 - Posted after the meeting [Berkema] prof_05.pdf
  Imaging Device Profile - Rev. 0.04 - Posted before meeting [Berkema] prof_04.pdf

Documents from Boulder 10/27-10/28

  Minutes from Boulder Meeting [Farrell/LeClair] 9710-min.pdf

Documents presented/discussed at Atlanta 9/15

  Minutes from Atlanta Meeting [Stein] 9709-min.pdf
  Print Stack Overview Diagram [Nagasaka] epsn916.pdf
  Print Stack Issues [Nagasaka] epsn915.pdf
  High Performance Transport presentation [Shimura] hptpres9.pdf
  Protocol Requirements [Shue] pwgreq.pdf
  Function Discovery Service presentation [Nakamura] fds-presen.pdf
  Data FIFO Architecture [Berkema] dfaprop.pdf

Documents submitted before Atlanta 9/15

  SBP-2 Printing Proposal Ver 0.4 [Nagasaka] sbp2for1394ppver4.pdf
  High Performance Printing Proposal Ver 0.3 [Ueda] hpt03e.pdf
  Function Discovery Service Proposal Ver 0.5 [Nakamura] fds05.pdf
  SBP-2 Issues and Alternatives [Berkema] sbp2issue.pdf

Updated Documents after Redmond 8/5

  EPSON SBP-2 Printing Proposal Ver 0.3d [EPSON] sbp21394.pdf

Updated / New Documents for Redmond 8/4

  Minutes from Redmond Meeting [Berkema] 9708-min.pdf
  Function Discovery Presentation [Canon] fdsppt.pdf
  Function Discovery Proposal [Canon] fdsdoc.pdf
  EPSON SBP-2 Printing Proposal [EPSON] sbp21394.pdf
  Minutes from Nashua Meeting nashua.pdf

Presentations by 1394 PWG at 1394 TA Arch. WG - San Jose 7/31

  1394 PWG Status [LeClair] pwg_stat.pdf
  IEEE 1212 Function Discovery [LeClair] pwg_1212.pdf

Updated Documents from Nashua 6/23

  Minutes from Nashua Meeting [Berkema] 9706-min.pdf
  Device Discovery and Status Retrieval Proposal (DDsrP) [Canon] ddsrpdoc.pdf
  DDsrP Presentation [Canon] dd