AUGUST XHTML-Print Meeting Agenda

AUGUST XHTML-Print Meeting Agenda


  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Officers
  4. Review and Approve minutes from June Meeting

  5. (
  6. Review open issues and action items
    • Action Item<open>: Jacob Refstrup will locate and make available a version of a tool to find and mark differences between two html documents.
    • Action Item<closed>: Don Wright is to decide where in the specification the attributes will be discussed.  (Section 3.1)
    • Action Item<closed>: Don Wright will replace the character reference with an entity reference.
    • Action Item<open>: Melinda Grant asked how to keep the conformance section of the document (Section 2.3) in step with w3c specs. The discussion that followed weighted the value of a stable specification against the redundancy of restating other specifications. Therefore we should:
      1. Do more research on how the w3c documents handle this issue.
      2. Weight the pros and cons of two techniques:
      • Restate the conformance requirements in force at the time the spec is issued with changes and requirements necessary for XHTML-Print.
      • Simply refer to basic conformance requirements inherited from referenced documents and only state the exceptions, changes, and XHTML-Print requirements.
    • Action Item<open>: Canon will bring up the issue of image rotation with the w3c so that a w3c approved method can created and used in the XHTML-Print specification. In the interim the processing of EXIF marker will be optional.
    • Action Item<open>: The interaction with EXIF markers and a not yet developed CSS property for specifying the orientation/rotation of the images was discussed. What if the EXIF marker exists and the CSS property is or is not there? We should post the issue for discussion of the PWG XP mailing list for 2 weeks.
    • Action Item<closed>: Jim Bigelow will write a paragraph for the XHTML-Print specification dealing with multiple style sheets in a document.
    • Action Item<closed>: Jacob Refstrup will write the first draft of "CSS Print Profile." Don Wright will write drafts of the other two documents: "XHTML Print" and "XHTML + CSS: A Profile for Printing"
  7. Review XHTML-Print document

  8. http:/
  9. Review CSS-Print document

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  11. Other items

  12. Adjourn