IPP> Conference Call Minutes

IPP> Conference Call Minutes

IPP> Conference Call Minutes

Don Wright don at lexmark.com
Mon Mar 17 10:56:34 EST 1997

The minutes for the last conference call (March 12th) have
been uploaded to ftp.pwg.org.  They are located in:


Additionally, the text version is attached below:

Internet Printing Project
Conference Call - March 12, 1997

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM EST.


Bob Herriott - Sun
Carl-Uno Manros - Xerox
Roger Debry - IBM
Peter Zehler - Xerox
Randy Turner - Sharp
Don Wright - Lexmark
Tom Hastings - Xerox
Scott Isaacson - Novell
Steve Zilles - Adobe
Lee Farrell - Canon
Dave Kellerman - Northlake Software
Jeff Copeland - QMS
Mabry Dozier - QMS
Patrick Powell - San Diego State


- Requirements Document
- Security
- Documentation Requirements


There have been a number of suggestions that additional scenarios or more 
scenarios be added.  Roger 
Debry suggested that the requirements should be more general and that the model 
document would be 
more specific while the requirement document should be more general.

Are there too many scenarios in the document?  Are there too many error cases 
in the document.

Review of the comments and notes proposed by the mailing list.

Requirements document to be silent on the actual implementation of a 
non-spooling printing.

Requirements document must state support for printer drivers that generate and 
transmit the document on 
the fly without know the length of the document ahead of time.  We should 
remove the specific 
"chunking" flows in the scenarios.  The end-user requirement is that the 
end-user needs to be able to 
determine the status of his print job even while the job is still spooling.

Requirement - server can terminate the session before the whole job has been 


Bob Herriott reviewed the work done at the protocol meeting last Friday.  
Minutes of that meeting will be 
issued shortly.  Randy Turner and Scott Isaacson will be issuing whitepapers in 
key areas of the protocol 
workbased on this meeting.


We will continue to drive to the existing schedule for document creation.  It 
was felt that moving the 
schedule out at this time would only delay the documents more.


We should limit discussion at the meeting to the PROTOCOL and SECURITY 
documents and keep the 
discussion on REQUIREMENTS and MODELING documents very light.

Carl-Uno will create an agenda and distribute it to the mailing list.


Major time at the Austin meeting should be spent on Model and Protocol with 
some time spent on 

Scott Isaacson has create a version 1.6 Model document containing a major 
re-write of the front sections.


Discussion on the WEB Page and how to organize it.
We have a pointer to our WEB page on the Application's area WEB Page.
The FAQ needs to be reviewed by everyone with comments sent to Carl-Uno.

A request was made by Patrick Powell to use an 800 number for the conference 
call.  No one wanted to 
offer up and pay for an 800 number for this call.  It was felt that spreading 
the cost among the participants 
was the most equitable solution.

The meeting adjourned at 6:05 PM EST



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