[MFD] FaxOut Service working draft review comments

[MFD] FaxOut Service working draft review comments

[MFD] FaxOut Service working draft review comments

Nancy.Chen at okidata.com Nancy.Chen at okidata.com
Thu Apr 28 18:54:40 UTC 2011

Global: The header text of each page has a much larger font than the 

Lines 194-195:
FaxOut are used repeatedly as an English verb, or as a function name, etc. 
Reads funny. Notice that FaxOut is a special term defined in MFD Semantics 
as the name of the specific MFD service.

2.    Section 5 - MFD Model Overview
Do we need a MFD Model Overview for an individual service spec?  Why not 
move the content of this section to the beginning of Section 6, I like it 
as a concise prelude before the FaxOut Service Model Overview?

3.    Line 282: extra "that".

4.    Figure 13 FaxOutJobProcessing Schema diagram is out of date?
The "DestinationURIs" is "DestinationUris" in MFD Model and Common 
Semantics spec and XML Schema. 

5.    Section, Line 495 -
DestinationURI is fully described in of MFD Model and common 
Semantics. Is this section different than that? Why not just reference it 
instead of providing only part of description?

6.     Extension Points in Schema: I remember that in one of the 
face-to-face meeting we decided that any complex element type will include 
an attribute extension point and an element extension point.  Many of the 
datatypes in FaxOut Service model have one of the extension point missing. 
 Shouldn't these be all consistent?  However, if the existing MFD Schema 
is mostly not consistent this way, it might require a lot of changes 

7.    GetActiveFaxOutJobs has the list of JobSummaries as a mandatary 
response element returned, that is optional in the MFD Model.  Is this a 
FAxOutService-specific requirement?

9.   RestartFaxoutService has some service-specific request paramenters? 
Some are not listed in the MFD Model spec. Also in the last face-to-face, 
I thought we have a consensus that a service can not restart itself, must 
be restarted by the SystemControlService.

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