[MFD] April 28th 2011 - Conference Call Notes

[MFD] April 28th 2011 - Conference Call Notes

[MFD] April 28th 2011 - Conference Call Notes

Mitchell, Andrew (Solutions Architect) andrew.mitchell2 at hp.com
Thu Apr 28 20:04:12 UTC 2011

Attendees: Andrew Mitchell, Bill Wagner, Glen Petrie, Ira McDonald, Peter Zehler, Jerry Thrasher, Nancy Chen

Agenda Review – No additions

Approval of meeting minutes from previous meeting - Approved

MFD Model and Common Semantics:

Destination-Uri has various spellings – correct in schema, incorrect in fax-out, various spelling
Changed in the Model and Common Semantics
- Has anyone noticed any diagrams in Model and Common Semantics that don't work?
Diagrams in fax-out are out of date

Schema Corrections:

Table 79:

Restart, Shutdown, and Startup services have issue in schema
Items like Id (local ID) and Service Type are remnants of an old direction

IsAcceptingJobs and IsAcceptingResources should also be available in StartupService

RestartServiceRequestType should have:

IsAcceptingJobs – or – IsAcceptingResources

Symbology for or | is not defined anywhere, add to terminology or conventions

RequestedElements should be removed from GetDocuments

ElementNaturalLanguage should be added to CancelMy<service>Jobs

FaxOutServices should be called UnsupportedElements instead of UnsupportedAttributes

All instances of UnsupportedElements should be concatenated titlecase words  has a yellow section, with a lower case must, should be upper case MUST (and yellow should be removed before final).

Edits to schema are being made in-place without a change to documents or version number.
One more update to be done of files on PWG site before the named version is final.
Note again: the number will not be changed.

Copy Service: the date for the copy services should be 4-15, ie the date that the last call vote end. (only the CS version, but should be backdated to the final day in which it was approved)

Review of the FaxOut spec:

Global comment – header and footer are different sizes

Ira, boiler plate from Copy service should be copied to FaxOut as well

Lines 194-195, FaxOut used as a verb, needs to be modified facsimile documents and can remove "that use their computers to FaxOut".
Next line can also be modified to use facsimile documents

Is Section 5 necessary, or should it be moved into section 6.
The same comment was made against CopyService in last call.
Make 5 a subsection of 6 (6.1) which also renumbers sections so its really 5.1.

Figure 13 out of date DestinationURIs s/b DestinationUris

Extension Points in Schema?

We will skip adding attribute extension points based on the benefits do not outweigh the cost
Most importantly it breaks backward compatibility
All the sequences have element extension points already

GetActiveFaxOutJobs has the list of JobSummaries as a mandatory response element, but its optional in the MFD Model, response is while the list is mandatory, there can be zero elements in the list.
Jobs can not leave JobHistory until they are durably logged to meet various regulatory requirements in multiple regions around the world.
Since the MFD Model says this is optional, we will add a clarifying statement that this is an augmentation to the MFD model where this is optional.

Pete will do an update to then then we will do a PWG Last Call.

Current Status of the Specifications:

Model and Comment Semantics: Approved and awaiting final updates including putting the final document number
Copy Service: Currently in PWG Last Call
FaxIn Service: Interim Draft, Updated Draft due in May prior to the F2F (Ira), we need a prototype volunteer for FaxIn or we can't put out for last call.
FaxOut Service: Reviewed, and being submitted for PWG Last Call
Print Service: Approved
Scan Service: Approved, but new revision is planned. Will reduce size and accommodate IPP Scan, as well as take into account MFD Model and Common Semantics final spec.
Resource Service: Approved (being left alone for now)
MFD System Service: Now named MFD System Control Service, updated draft of spec due prior to next F2F (Pete)

Services remaining:
EmailIn, EmailOut, and a Transform service

Next teleconference next week (5/5/2011).

Pete to get a version of the system spec out and we'll discuss that.

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