JMP> Re: PWG> Proposed change to the June meeting schedule [JMP ALL

JMP> Re: PWG> Proposed change to the June meeting schedule [JMP ALL

JMP> Re: PWG> Proposed change to the June meeting schedule [JMP ALL

JK Martin jkm at
Thu Jun 12 17:31:59 EDT 1997

Sheesh, give 'em an inch and they take a bloody mile...   ;-)

Ok, I realize that we'll need more than the usual time for JMP,
since this is supposed to be the *last* meeting before final

We'll start on Thursday nite, then wrap up on Friday by 3:00pm.

At this rate, it looks like SENSE will once again be deferred
until a future PWG meeting, as everyone will probably be quite
burnt out, given the IPP and JMP efforts.


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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 09:08:37 PDT
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Subject: JMP> Re: PWG> Proposed change to the June meeting schedule [JMP ALL
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I talked with Ron Bergman and we agreed that JMP could use all of
Friday, up to the usual closing time of 3:00pm EDT. Ron is travelling,
so he wanted me to convey this message ASAP, since JMP participants
may need to change their plane reservations.  We see from
Lloyd's response that PMP doesn't need any time Friday.  We'd also like
to keep Thursday evening as scheduled as well.

The high level JMP agenda is:

1. Answer any issues that arise between now and the meeting.
2. Review the current draft (V0.82 = Internet-Draft 01) and resolve
   any issues.
3. Review mappings from each job submission protocol to the Job Monitoring
   MIB for that separate document that we'll produce as an informational
   RFC.  The review of the mapping will also be helping us with the review
   of the MIB itself.  I'm sure we'll get lots of "Oh, it that what that
   attribute means, we need to clarify ...".  In effect, producing and
   reviewing the mappings from job submission protocols to the Job MIB
   will be like a "paper backoff".  And I sure would like to clear up
   ambiguities BEFORE we publish the proposed standard, rather than

So we can sure use all the time.

Thanks for your generosity in making it available,
Tom and Ron

At 13:04 06/09/97 PDT, JK Martin wrote:
>Given the fact that both the Printer MIB (PMP) and Job Monitoring MIB
>(JMP) projects are in the eleventh hour and are about to "finish", it
>is probably in the best interests of the PWG to let those groups have
>priority scheduling at the upcoming June meetings.
>Therefore (once again), I am willing to give up the Friday meeting
>slot time for SENSE so that these groups have a chance to actually
>complete their work at these meetings.
>Given the large amount of finalization needed for the Job MIB, it
>could be that the JMP group needs BOTH the Thursday nite meeting
>slot IN ADDITION TO a Friday slot.
>As I recall, the PMP group is in much better shape, but it could be
>that at least 2 hours are needed for this group's final effort.
>Ron Bergman (JMP chair) and Lloyd Young (PMP chair): would you two
>please comment on this rescheduling opportunity, stating what your
>requirements are?  Please respond as soon as possible, as a change
>in scheduling (either duration or start-time) may affect some
>participants' travel plans.
>If we can squeeze an evening discussion about SENSE into the mix,
>then great.  But the JMP and PMP groups really need focus right
>now, so let's give it to them.  (pun intended...  ;-)
>	...jay
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At 14:57 06/09/97 PDT, lpyoung at wrote:
>Thanks for thinking of us but the Printer MIB does not need any time
>on the agenda for the June meeting. Everything that is left to be
>resolved can be resolved via the mailing list.
>Lloyd Young

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