[SM3] SM3, version 2.901: some changes

[SM3] SM3, version 2.901: some changes

[SM3] SM3, version 2.901: some changes

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 13:35:15 UTC 2014

Hi Norbert,

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- Ira

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On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 9:03 AM, Norbert Schade <Norbert.Schade at conexant.com
> wrote:

> Attaching the 3 files I changed on Friday again, this time as a zip in
> case they get filtered (happened to me).
> Again, these changes are not fixing everything. My goal was to validate
> all schemas in one folder.
> I'm now going to check the issues in ServiceOperations.xsd.
> Norbert
> From: Norbert Schade
> Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 5:51 PM
> To: 'Semantic Model 3.0 Workgroup discussion list'
> Subject: SM3, version 2.901: namespaces
> I've changed 3 files so far.
> Note: I am not claiming that I'm really fixing anything here. But with my
> changes it is easier to compare.
> The Security schema only has the one change I mentioned: ClientRoleWKV ->
> ClientTypeWKV
> With the xmldsig-core-schema we get name clashes.
> If I simply empty that schema completely, but keep the schema (for
> namespace declaration at this point), it works.
> The xenc schema I mainly changed the imports at the beginning of the file.
> Anyhow, this will hopefully show some differences that will help us
> identify the problem behind it.
> If the security guys need a local xmldsig schema with slightly different
> objects, we have to be careful with the namespaces and object names/types.
> I have not yet investigated the issues with the ServiceOperations schema.
> They are related to GetSecurityAttributesRequest  and
> GetSecurityAttributesResponse.
> Therefore the 3 schemas that call objects in ServiceOperations, fail as
> well.
> Hope it helps at least making the next step. Back to it Monday.
> Norbert
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