NOVEMBER XHTML-Print Meeting Agenda

NOVEMBER XHTML-Print Meeting Agenda


  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Review and Approve minutes from November Meeting

  4. (
  5. Review open issues and action items:
    1. Old Issues
      1. Action Item closed: Jacob Refstrup (HP) will locate and make available a version of a tool to find and mark differences between two html documents. (Don Wright obtained this tool)
      2. Action Item open: Canon will bring up the issue of image rotation with the w3c so that a w3c approved method can created and used in the XHTML-Print specification. In the interim the processing of EXIF marker will be optional.
      3. Action Item open: Canon/HP -- The interaction with EXIF markers and a not yet developed CSS property for specifying the orientation/rotation of the images was discussed. What if the EXIF marker exists and the CSS property is or is not there? We should post the issue for discussion of the PWG XP mailing list for 2 weeks.
      4. Action Item open: investigate what the Modularization of XHTML and XHTML 1.0 say about the treatment of non-well formed documents. No owner.


    2. XHTML-Print
      1. XHTML-Print conforming printer should support all attributes.
        -- See response at
      2. Request to add Content-Disposition header to RFC3391
      3. XHTML-Print Document Conformance.
      4. Restricted to UTF-8 Encoding
      5. The use of Form Feed (&000C;)
    3. CSS Profile for Print
      1. Should enhancements requested by Digital TV groups be added to the
        Enhanced Layout enhancement set or become a new, separate enhancement set?
        Add dtv enhancements to existing enhancement set:
        Supported by:
          Kazuyuki MURATA, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co,.LTD.(PANASONIC)
          Elliot Bradshaw, Oak
          Don Wright, Lexmark

        Discussion: This enhancement request adds a requirement for new
        functionality and cannot be resolved before the next face-to-face meeting of
        the PWG on January 20, 2003. One tactic is to release a "frozen" version of
        the spec. before enhancements are added to the existing enhancement set --
        effectively creating two versions of the enhanced layout extension set --
        which is the equivalent to just defining two, separate enhancement sets.

        The major question is then, if the dtv extensions will be added to the spec
        and required of enhanced layout printers, should that happen now and if not
        now when?

        See also:

      2. Border-spacing property of enhanced layout not effective,
        Supports requiring support of the border-collapse property
          Jim Bigelow, HP
          Elliott Bradshaw, Oak
          Don Wright, Lexmark

        Discussion: This issue effectively clarifies if an enhanced layout printer
        must support both the separate and collapsed borders model of table
        formatting. This may be new functionality, or something that companies
        using the .95 version specification
        have already investigated and dealt with and this is just a clarification.
        For HP it's a clarification.

        Question: Does anyone have an objection to adding this to spec before the
        Jan 20th meeting?
      3. Addition of Attribute Selectors: E[Attr] and E[Attr=val],
        Supports only adding E[Attr]:
           Michael Sweet, Easy Software Products

         Supports adding E[Attr] and E[Attr=val]
           Jim Bigelow, HP
           Elliott Bradshaw, Oak

         Supports adding E[Attr] and E[Attr=val] in the enhancement set
           Harry Lewis, IBM
           Don Wright, Lexmark

        Discussion: this issue has been contentious since the last face-to-face
        meeting. Is there anymore discussion before we yield to the chair of the
        working group, Don Wright, to determine how to determine the resolution of
        this issue?

  6. Other items
    • Update on 1394 Trade Association's AV Working Group's usage of XHTML-Print
    • Plan for W3C Submittal
  7. Adjourn